7 Proven Tips to Unlock the True Potential of Your App

With the introduction of mobile apps, the way the company is portrayed through the app has become more difficult for consumers. With smartphones, it’s almost the same these days! Customers always want more from your app and it will determine your success how successful you are to deliver the same. UX or user interfaces are the backbones of user engagement and the relationship between the user and a company.



How to design UI and other features of the app?

Well, well! Mobile App Development Dubai is here with seven such validated tricks that can help you to better design your UX app.

1) The Gateway:

Here’s the “onboard site” portal. An app’s on-boarding or registration process is important because users get their first interactive experience through it.

That’s the idea here, the onboard pages should be built for easier navigation, with a simple thing like welcome or an app guide. Each time we open an app that we learn, it’s fun or not!

Designing the on-board interface to be user-friendly and easy to use would encourage the user to return to your app as it would be easy and quick to get them home!

2) The Landing Page:

To be interesting and fun to connect with these landing pages, user experience can be rich in content. The trick by the Dubai App Developer here is to customize the site. For a cause, users visit your app, and that is why your app wants to provide a solution.

But it must be easy to understand the conveyance and introduction to the solution and make users feel more relaxed about their relative problem. Even if you have a basic music streaming app, the app’s interface should be enjoyable and trouble-free for users.

3) Navigation Bliss:

The app’s navigation is like “signboards” to let users know where the content or product they are looking for is. Designers use menubars, sidebars, CTAs and several other actionable contents and buttons to allow users to navigate easily. Also, several animations and enhancements can be inserted into these menus to make it more interesting. It should be seamless and rich in interactions to move from menu to submenu and the goal site. Also, read 7 best ways to make your website look festive this holiday season.

4) Loading Cue:

Via animations and enjoyable clips, making your loading pages lively will make the affair less irritable. Although it is better to keep the device lighter by using validated technology to build services such as low-code, microservices, etc. So, it doesn’t take much time for your app pages to load.

5) Minimalistic Design:

It’s like supplying users with the information they need and not flooding the app with needless data, unrelated to the purpose of the app or the need of the user.

The minimalist design stops users from getting unnecessary questions. Take an example of an e-commerce app where you can purchase your stuff as a guest without the trouble of signing up or an app that offers social media logins as an alternative to the boring process of signing up.

6) Background concern:

Device context processes are like “pickpocketers,” picking up information from your RAM and Network, hiding in plain sight. Such culprits are limited to “deep cleaners” deployed by major mobile OS, but the fact that consumers know you’re picking on their network bandwidth can also contribute to the software being uninstalled.

7)     Battery optimization:

UX needs to prevent the app from exhausting the user’s phone battery.

Background processes such as position detection, theme layout, etc. drain the battery on the computer of the user. Maintaining the background processes of your app to reduce and designing your device with darker shades will help minimize battery usage.

Signing off:

These are methods that are tried and tested that can change the way users view your app. You can start with these tips if you are looking to develop your app or update the current app for better UX, and there are many other tools and methods to follow.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is consumers, you can be sure of great user experience if you can tap into the attitude of a user and model your app that way!

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