9 MVP Features for Your Live Video Streaming App

Live streaming technology, like live TV, allows you to view, produce, and submit videos in real-time. All you need to live stream is an internet-enabled gadget, such as a tablet or smartphone, and a portal from which to live stream (such as a website or app). Furthermore, any live stream has the benefit of anonymity.

Using these MVP elements that you can incorporate into your streaming live app can help you to introduce your service in the streaming industry. Android App Developer Dubai can help you in incorporating these nine essential and effective MVP features in your live video streaming app.

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    Configuration and Accounts:

It is no mystery why it’s important to establish a user account and personalize it to the user’s demands. By setting up an account, it allows users to save all of the program possibilities in which they are participating. As a result, interests must be incorporated in personal accounts that are customized for every client. You may also include several login choices, such as social network connections, such as Facebook, to make recruitment faster and more convenient.

  • Location and Browse

Users desire convenient means to find streams. The software may utilize location to allow developers to recognize transmissions and social media postings based on their present location. Search features may also be used to locate and add other streaming applications to a user’s contact list.

  • Responses

Responses allow people to provide feedback and analyze topics. By adding this feature, you may increase customer engagement, expand the number of connections inside a video streaming service, and give a sense of relatedness. You can’t have the same sensation from television viewing. With feedback, users may raise questions and receive true replies.

  • Broadcasting in Live Time

The capacity to live broadcast is, by definition, the most important feature of a live streaming app. If you create a streaming live app that lets anybody access and watches broadcasts, you can record streams. When you plan to be the service provider, just integrate streaming features to an existing live streaming app; however, storage is not required.

  • Alerts

Alerts are an essential component of nearly any live streaming app since they quickly notify app subscribers when new series, episodes, or reviews are available. Clients will become more engaged since they will no longer be responsible for tracking data on their own. Notifications can be sent to customers’ cell phones or through email.

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  • Live Assistance

Create your live streaming app more engaging by including a video chat feature. Customers will be able to communicate with live event artists. Authentic chat features are extremely simple to add and personalize into your new or existing video streaming site, iOS, and Android applications with the aid of API and SDK.

  • High Definition Video

Please note that each customer’s speed is unique. Because some customers may have a poor connection to the internet, the video player should be able to adapt video quality. Users with a high-speed connection, on the other hand, will select to watch the video at the maximum bitrate available. This material variety demonstrates that you regard all users equally and will attract a wider population to your digital store.

  • Security

Allow your customers to choose who they wish to broadcast to, giving them more personal space. Verify that the video may be broadcast to a single individual, a list of people who have been chosen, or simply a small area. Chat users, for example, will only stream to individuals who are in the same channel as the streamer. It also assists you in creating a customized list of individuals who are interested in certain topics.

  • Reviews and Recommendations

Customers of your app would indeed be able to review movies, TV shows, and other material that is presented and uploaded. This would result in evaluations for each piece of material, allowing other viewers to decide what to see based on a variety of perspectives.

Furthermore, if the majority of the content has received positive comments, the live streaming app’s ranking in the competition and brand worth will rise. Dubai Mobile App Developer can help you in mobile app development.

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