Benefits of Using Cloud-Driven Apps

As an App Developer Dubai working in the development of apps, you would surely do anything to get users to download and install your device for years on their mobile phone. Having successfully made users install your device, here’s the challenge; how to make your apps live on the mobile phones of the consumer because it’s going to be hard to survive with millions of applications fighting for space on the mobile phones of users.


But now you can face the challenge with cloud-driven mobile apps. Cloud-driven applications are proving to be a solution here because they can directly collect data from the cloud and take up minimal space on the app users ‘ mobile devices.


Are you ready to learn more about the cloud?

No Setup Required: 

If you need to install native apps directly on a mobile device on other phones, but you don’t have to bother creating different mobile devices for a particular version, you don’t need to download and install cloud mobile apps on a mobile device. All you need to do is navigate the applications by accessing the user interface on the mobile device’s browser. You might find that mobile cloud apps are quite the same as web-based apps. In reality, all internet and cloud apps are running on servers outside the mobile device. Check out Measuring In-app Performance for optimization.


Targeting Multiple Operating Systems and Bringing Your App 

You may need the services of a third party to develop a cloud-based mobile app for multiple mobile devices. This design is not going to restrict you to a single operating system. You don’t need to focus on designing for users of the iPhone app or Android app. And make the device compliant with a specific mobile operating system, it will certainly save more time and money.


Lower security risks 

Due to the high risk of losing any mobile device, you need better data security. No data can be accessed or left on the device itself using a mobile cloud app. Therefore, you need to store and access all data from the mobile cloud.


Software Integration for Business 

Typically, to access databases, the mobile business needs to integrate the apps with the current enterprise system. Cloud, however, is not on a remote device that does not support language. That’s how the cloud can greatly help the software. Rather, these devices belong to the same cloud that belongs to the rest of your existing system.


Speed and Productivity:

If you can get a new application up and running in 30 hours instead of six to nine months, how much is it worth for your business? Likewise, the standard “workers efficiency” does not discuss the advantages that cloud dashboards, real-time data, and active analytics can offer to reduce the administrative burden. How much does your business charge a “guy hour?”


Infrastructure and Workload:

The low initial costs and pay-as-you-go features were viewed by many businesses as very significant cost savings. Dubai Mobile App Development would note the large cost of building and running data centers and claim to stop saving money. Based on how you calculate them, numbers can become astronomical.


Future Prospects 

The main advantage of mobile cloud apps is that they can be native applications that are resurrected to run from any external source on the mobile cloud or even third-party apps that are uploaded to the cloud. Therefore, these apps can be customized to any mobile device type. 

While mobile cloud apps can offer many benefits, native apps also provide you with many advantages, such as direct access to phone features such as GPS, camera, and audio, as opposed to the use of application program interfaces (APIs) for the same. As its code runs on the mobile device itself, any overhead browser will be eliminated by native apps. There’s no wonder that many businesses would go as native as well as cloud version.



Hopefully, with better quality, your app will be able to capture the mobile market and get more installments. Therefore, don’t forget to use cloud-driven on your mobile apps as it will boost the quality of your app.


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