Developing An Amazing E-Learning App for the Future Generation

Start-up training keeps drawing investors and raising funds. It means that a lot of e-learning platforms are and will be in demand. As in Mobile App Development Dubai, I’ll give useful tips on how to build an e-learning app, the features of popular educational apps, and how to get your users back to your site more frequently.



E-learning Market:

First, let’s see the types of educational apps that are popular in every niche nowadays and the main players. The diversity of these items impresses, but they are all unified by one aim-making learning easier for everyone and affordable. All these companies gathered by insights are closing the gaps in the educational industry and raising many investments.

To stand out among your peers, your consumers must be given a unique quality and their real problems must be solved.


How to make a user-friendly app?


1)     Direct the user throughout the system:

Think to the last detail about navigation so that the users don’t have to wonder what to do next. Using various tips, such as “scroll down” or “press here” arrows or phrases, or include animated navigation tours before each course.


2)     Let users control what they learn:

As different users have different skills, let them skip back or forward content depending on their level of expertise.


3)     Using tooltips:

When you click on the course card, the tooltip will appear. It gives you the course a short piece of information. The client does not need to click and open the course page to decide whether the course suits them.


4)     Progress Bar videos:

Help users recognize quickly which videos they have not viewed until the end by adding a progress bar on each video they have started watching.


5)     Reminders:

By adding the videos to the calendar, let users schedule studying.


6)     Progress Tracking:

Include a progress bar for each course on which a client works actively.


7)     Achievement Breakdown:

Tell the users how hard-working their success is by including a detailed breakdown.


8)     Powerful Database:

An architecturally efficient and friendly server will place your educational software in the driving seat, whether you believe it or not. That is because all the research material and guidance knowledge are submitted to a server. With the latest information, images, material, data, figures, and statistics, it needs to be updated regularly.


The database will smooth the progress of the learning process and as such, with the tip of a finger, the students should have quick access to all the desired knowledge. Even if it runs at slow internet speed, the server should not stay.


9)     Comprehensive content:

Material that immediately captures the learner’s attention in one glance will provide an incentive to access your educational mobile app several times more than the other applications. Just look at these critical factors: content should be detailed and readable.


  • The material should be specifically developed for the target audience.
  • Keep in mind that not all students have the same grasping power; thus, use the simplest of languages easily understood.
  • The app is also expected to be phone friendly.


  • The vitality of the user interface:

This is one area where not much attention is paid by app developers. As a result, in the competitive market, their devices have to struggle. You don’t have to sail on the same ship, but instead, provide an enticing view and best features for a fantastic user-friendly user interface.

11) Powerful social media platform:

Now, this needs to be understood very clearly: without the help of various social media platforms, the app can not advance or flourish. How successful it is in your hands to use the resources to optimize benefits. Any information or material you upload to your app on a particular topic or issue, you can share information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can create a YouTube channel where you can share your educational app-related tutorial videos.



Wrapping up, the most important part of the creation of e-learning apps is to understand your customers and fill the gaps in your industry by identifying their pain points


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