How Can Event App Development With Main Features Change the Perspective of Your Viewer?

It is invaluable to find some time for yourself in a busy world. We miss essential events with the information burden that we care about the most. How to treat it? The solution is a mobile event app for keeping connected with such activities.

Ready to develop an app for the event? Below, Mobile App Development Dubai will tell you what features to consider before recruiting a development team for your conference app, the development costs and useful tips to consider.


Main Elements of the Event App Development:

1.   User Sign-up:

Upon downloading the app, the first thing the user does is to register. Consider registration to your app via its social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, to make the user registration process more convenient. In this way, users of your app can post events on social media accounts with their friends and draw more users into your app.

2.   Profile of the User:

Once the individual has enrolled in your app, they can fill out their profile with a preference for events, favorite types of music and bands so that your app can provide more instant feedback for events.

3.   Timeline of the event:

Once the consumer has given expectations to your app, they’ll get a more customized event feed based on their interests. You can use ready-made feed APIs to build custom feeds to compile, customize, and rank details about future events.

4.   Category of event search:

Your app should include event categories such as meetings, tv shows, dance performances, and other types of events to make your app accessible for the user to navigate. You are using those scrubbers as time, date, location, etc.

5.   Payments:

The app user must have the option to buy a ticket via their device after discovering an exciting event. Choose from the payment gateways providers that provide a convenient to incorporate the in-app payment gateway.

6.   Tickets:

The app will send the voucher to the user’s account or create a card in the user’s profile after the user has paid for a ticket. It creates digital tickets in the form of QR codes in most cases, and app users don’t need to download the voucher, making the app even more customer-friendly.

7.   Push Notifications:

The app will submit a push notification to inform users of an upcoming event, with the time, address, and some tickets available for the game. App Developer Dubai uses Apple Push Notification service (APNs) and Firebase Cloud Messaging at

8.   Offline connectivity:

That’s why for your company or startup, an event planning or registration app that works offline will be a huge plus. With this type of development, the native and cross-platform apps work well. An application can work the best offline, but you should prepare for the fact that the cost of event app development will be higher than that of a combination.

9.   Tablets:

Once the smartphone app developed will be able to optimize it for tablets. Applications can be used for all types of policies, while cross-platform and native applications require some custom optimization.

  1. Geofencing: You’ll have to find a technological solution to help users reach the location if you’re going to develop a mobile phone app for an event or a multi-stage project. As they go through a beacon network, you can send user warnings, and helping them find the most exciting place.
  2. Built-in messages: Think about such a built-in messenger feature to allow personal communication between app users. In this way, you don’t give away any of their data, but instead, inspire people to continue to use your event app. Think of the forums, the tools for private messaging, and the ability to create communities.

12.   Accessible to moderate: Sometimes, you only require this purpose for the event manager, but you might also give users an app to host their activities, where more control and permissions would be required.

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Online event management system users of the Instance receive full power over their occurrences, can learn about possible new guests, and regulate who is visiting their event. Thus, app users ensure that all those who wish to join their game share the very same desires.

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