How Did Gaming Startup Wonder Build an Android-Powered Nintendo?

A major revolution in the field of Information and Communication Technology is going to occur very soon after this event as the gaming startup famous by the name Wonder in the corporate world.


It is now taking a vast but profitable chance via the procedure of replicating the Switch formula by employing Android.

Indeed, Nintendo’s Switch console is one of the most renowned techniques used by the Nintendo organization, which is skilled in developing home video game consoles. Hence, Mobile App Development Dubai provides you all the good news for the ardent game streamers and lovers, who are eagerly waiting for this updated Android-powered Nintendo.


How is Nintendo collaborating with Android?

The CEO and co-founder, Mr. Andy Kleinman of “Wonder,” which is a classified organization, asserts that the revolution in the industry of video game development can bring by introducing new techniques of producing hybrid hardware. It can achieve through incorporating the Switch formula into Android games, thus creating an official first-time Android-powered Nintendo.

What are its scope and appearance?

Clearly, in an interview with the leading magazine, Mr. Kleinman demonstrated his newly manufactured Android smartphone featuring a giant screen designed by Yves Behar, a well-renowned industrial designer of Silicon Valley. Some of the salient traits of this freshly created device are that it possesses a massive screen for viewing and available docking station that will assist you in forming a connection with your television.

Moreover, it also contains a controller for the facility of playing games on the large screens or operating your phone for game mode. Furthermore, this phone is working on the principle of Android-based WonderOS and will be similar to PC gaming programs.

How will game streamers love this collaboration of technology?

Also, Wonder gaming company believes that through the inauguration of this device, the ecosystem for game streamers and players will be metamorphosed into something huge and beyond expectations.

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Although it based on Android phone technology, however, this device will undoubtedly possess and function on WonderOS software.

That will permit the enterprise to accelerate the graphics and processors i.e., GPU, to achieve the best experience of playing games as similar to the main characteristics of PC games. Moreover, analogous to the Switch formula, this device will demonstrate the enormous screen when it will dock to other connecting components.

It has the option of connecting with social media:

Furthermore, Wonder startup seeks to develop an environment for entertainment purposes, which would be similar to that of the Apple franchise and enterprise. The main objective of Mr. Kleinman is to produce a device that will perform multi-tasks by becoming your smartphone game console by your requirements.

However, there are always two sides of a coin; the facility of Switch is profitable because it only manages and deals in the gaming arena. If the entertainment options like Facebook, YouTube app, and Internet browser introduced in one device bearing switch, then chances of proper functioning can be disrupted.

There is no room of debacle in this android-powered Nintendo version:

Besides, many recent innovative gadgets launched in the previous years have witnessed a massive collapse of failure due to their all-in-one designing and development. For instance, Android gaming startup from NVIDIA and OUYA were unable to retrieve the expected outcomes from the mainstream consumers.

However, Kleinman has emphasized that they are planning to achieve something extraordinary and versatile by creating a mobile-console hybrid. In doing so, they might even be able to eradicate some of the troubles that Switch encounters like a dull performance of battery, prevalent quality of Android software, and providing a better game library via smartphones high-end components.


In a nutshell, the Dubai App Developer states that Android-powered Nintendo will be one of the fascinating inventions of the modern age through the ardent and innovative endeavors of the Wonder gaming company.

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