How Do I Build a Navigation App to Find Parking Bays?

With the growth in the number of motor licenses every year, more and more cars are flooding the streets. Besides, finding a parking place has become an entirely different activity. There have been a lot of corporate car parks, but it’s hard to spot a location there. Parking lots owned by both the industry and government and have become a thriving industry.


Parking app features for end-users

·  Register: It is the first screen the player sees in the parking spot locator app. Applications need to log in with their checked social media platform or email account and date of birth.

·  Parking spot information: The customer can display details of the parking spot, such as the parking spot picture, address view location on the map, parking garage number,

Type of parking, i.e., indoor, gated, arts and crafts, type of vehicle which can be allowed to park here, depending on parking space, an annual salary of parking place.

·  Schedule Booking: Consumers need to schedule the time of arrival and departure in the parking spot finder app. Such specifics used to acquire customized parking spaces within the defined period. Users will book a spot as per their comfort.

·  Payment integration: This feature is included in every car parking app to make it easier for more people to pay parking fees. Transaction access points incorporated with the device. Bank account details can also be for fast and efficient transactions.

·  Track parking background: This feature allows users to track their driving history. They can see all the parking spots where the car was parked. They should search for the positions where their vehicles were regularly parked.

·  Ratings and reviews: This is a notification feature that allows users to post user reviews for either the services they have provided. Such input can be to improve the consumer experience.

Parking Officer’s App Features:

App Developer Dubai ensures these features:

·  Login: After enrollment, the parking officer would need to log in to the application and be checked by both the admin. You can use the email ID and social security number to sign in.

·  List of Bookings: Parking agents can search for specific parking space deliveries. They can display the nearby parking spaces and then click on any of them to see the amount and car information of the parking lot flights over there.

·  Alerts: The parking officer may receive signals from the administrator about any orders or schemes. We also informed of feedback from users or recorded support.

Board of Directors (Desktop Panel)

·  Handle bookings: the administrator may handle all deliveries and reports. You can see the address of the order, the congestion charges for each spot, the driver details to keep track of the operation of the device.

·  User governance: The admin is responsible for managing all users and their details. The manager tracks the actions of all users associated with the app.

·  Manage earnings: The manager also handles all profits earned from the parking fee. The administrator handles all in-app purchases, subscription programs, and electronic transfers.

·  Handle parking spaces: the admin will add new parking bays and display lists of registered parking spots. It can also alter, disable, deactivate, renew, and uninstall parking places as required.

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Preferred Attributes Our Mobile Consultant

When Mobile App Developer Dubai create an official app with useful features, it’ll be a good idea to go. But if you want your app to do well in the car parking industry, you’ll need to add some distinctive features. These are some of the functionality suggested by our app expert.

·  Access: If the user parks are regular at the same spot, you should include a daily or weekly access option in your app to find a parking space. That way, the customer didn’t have to look for parking every day, and the car park will always make a living.

·  Refinance my spot: Suppose a person has a parking space that he doesn’t use a lot, and he usually stays empty. Are using this app to sign your area as a parking spot and gain a little on the side by leasing it. This app will function like Airbnb for parking with that kind of functionality.

·  Chart Display: When a user scans for a spot on this car park app, he will get a list and details. To render it more comfortable, you can add a map view so that users can easily find a location.


When you’re trying to develop the best parking finder app, you need to collaborate with different offices in your focus regions to provide customers with plenty of parking options, including insurance costs.

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