How Much Does Creating An App Like Audible Cost?

The audiobook boom is truly here, with the success of Audible. Audible is an Amazon affiliate and is the most successful audiobook selling site. It also offers podcasts, newspapers, and magazines in the audio format, alongside audiobooks.

Most business people are involved in making an app like Audible. For these businessmen, this article will serve as a full reference.


Audiobook Software Production Expense

The price of making an app like Audible depends on a variety of stuff.

Recognize that the expense often rises as the app’s sophistication or the number of features and capabilities increases. Although it can prove expensive to create a native app both for iOS and Android, creating a hybrid app can prove to be an economical alternative. The more bells and whistles you add to your app, the higher the app’s quality. The country in which you plan to grow your software also has an enormous impact on your app’s cost. E.g., you would have to shell out $110-190 per hour in the US to build and submit.

The platform followed by Audible is a bit different from the regular subscription schemes, so the user has more choices. Audible primarily has two options for revenue production.

  • The model of subscription

Audible pays a monthly fee to its customers and also allows you access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, journals, newspapers, and much more. You can get one credit once you pay the monthly audible subscription fee. Then you can purchase this credit from the available names.

The Audio Book Design Sale

The Audio Book invests in real is another Audible market model. In this model, the business offers its audiobooks like every other retailer of downloadable books. You sign in to the application, pick your preferred title, pay for it, and you’ll have access to the audiobook version.

For an Audible app, how and when to earn money?

Advertisements:- For consumers who wish to enjoy the free titles, you can include commercials inside the free audiobooks. To raise tv commercial-revenues, you can also screen in-app sales of different audiobooks and other related items.


Subscriptions:- Subscriptions would be another income source, where you encourage users to listen regularly or yearly to a specific collection of publications. In two ways, the subscription model functions. The first technique is to promote the consumer to read a small number of books, say one month, within a particular time.

With these publishers, you may enter into an arrangement and promote their material on your Mobile App Developer Dubai website.

Let us explore a few aspects of the user panel now.

Sign up/ sign in: The user must be able to sign up quickly for your app. It will mean that a user profile will be, and the user is involved in monitoring the names. You can conveniently connect it to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to render sign-in / sign-up simple.


Play/pause the novel:- It should be easy for the user to play-pause the story. To book-mark a specific chapter, you also should add a function.

Context play:- In the context, the game can play quickly without messing with the other operations on the device. You can still hold plenty if, by accident, the user does not press any button that hampers the interaction. In conditions where the user is in a busy area, such as commuting in a public transit system, this function is extremely beneficial.

Variable velocity:-Users also try to grasp a definition more precisely. Slowing it down the speed of playback will help users accomplish this goal. Many users are control users who tend to skim through a book or listen to a repeat mode book until their minds are in the definitions. Having a fast pace for playback will help these consumers reach their goals.

Integration of multiple devices:- Citizens not only listen to audiobooks on their smartphones but also in their vehicles, on their smart speakers, and when operating on their desktops and laptops. Therefore, the software must interact seamlessly with multiple devices in this complete view. It will also enhance your app’s installation as it will already be on the Dubai Mobile App Developer consumers ‘ minds.

Newsfeed and discussions with the author:-It is a wise decision for big-ticket releases such as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter to generate buzz about the novel. It will help you to create this buzz by having a section for performing surveys and newsfeeds.

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