How Much it Costs to Create a Mobile App for Bus Tickets?

Right now, a mass of such apps is offered out there in the bus ticket booking mobile app industry. This Bus Booking System is an automatic system that enables online bus tickets to be purchased. The program has each passenger’s record consisting of the schedule information for each bus. This system allows for routes scheduled, seat availability checked, and interactive seat map uploaded that will enable customers to select the seats themselves.

You can check the ease of use of the bus according to your suitability using these devices. Many of the mobile app development companies ‘ bus ticket bookings are developing such apps for travel agents and agencies who are keen to create their mobile app or platform booking bus tickets. Mobile App Development Dubai offers features such as route formation, route deal to different vendors and different buses, booking, seat selection, etc.


Features of Bus Ticket Booking app:

Bus ticket booking solutions also breakthrough in terms of security, allowing bus drivers to check the identity of passengers and board them via a mobile interface based on QR code.

So, let’s explore all the features by App Developer Dubai, you need to find in a Mobile App for Bus Ticket Booking:

· Social sign-up: App users can use their Facebook, Google, or e-Wallet account details to sign-up to the app and create their profiles in the mobile app, entering details such as postal addresses, phone numbers, Id details, and birthdates.

· Co-traveler management: It enables the customers of the app to store all of these details for their co-travelers like family and friends. Through adding the saved information, app users can pick the co-travelers when booking the bus. It keeps passengers a lot of time.

· Make on-the-go bookings: App owners will allow customers on their preferred routes to search and book the buses. Bus information such as choose-up and drop-off points, meal facilities, seat shape, etc. will be seen by them. It is easy to pick preferred seats.

· Card Payment: Online payment feature allows users to make card payments through payment gateways. It is applied by app operators as well as through e-wallets from third parties as customers have made the payment, an electronic ticket with a QR code that will allow drivers to scan and verify customer information as they board the bus.

· Real-time Position Tracking: Using this app, consumers will not need to call the office of the bus operator to find out where the bus is and when it will depart. They will be able to see the bus’s real-time location on the built-in map itself, where the bus ‘ expected arrival/departure time, as selected by them at the time of booking, is displayed.

· Journey Alerts: Customers will see the estimated time of arrival/departure for a bus depending on the boarding point selected by the users of the app during the booking process. Users can also receive SMS / App updates about their journey through the push notification feature. The warnings can be generated automatically or can push out from the driver app panel to all bus passengers.

· CMS Combination: A much-needed feature that allows app operators to handle static web pages like About Us, Contact Us, App Privacy Guidelines, Booking Page, and more. This feature is useful as the administrator is responsible for managing these pages.

· CRM integration: The management of customer relationships is an integral part of a successful business; thus, a compelling mixture of CRM software is essential for the customer service department.

· GPS Tracking: For tracking purposes, the GPS location checking system, integrated with the bus ticket booking mobile app, is riding on the bus, making it easier for drivers, passengers, and administrators to monitor.

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Now comes the cost procedure!

As far as the creation of a bus booking app is concerned, the essential factors to consider are the country, the choice of platforms, i.e., iOS or Android, or both, UX & UI design, etc.

The exact figure by finding the expert bus booking mobile app development service is estimated. The cost can vary depending on how many booking APIs the project needs to mix.

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