How Much Will it Cost to Build an App like UberEats Food Delivery?

Food ordering is not unique. Mobile on-delivery devices have made it even more streamlined, quicker, and easy to order food. So the food supply device industry is well-founded.

So, if you’re considering an UberEats-like device, this article is the right one for you. Below, Mobile App Developer Dubai shares a marketing strategy for UberEats and a roadmap on how to develop an app like UberEats.

Besides, the food delivery app offers many functions for users, making food trying to order even more practical. The most striking features of the food delivery app are:

· Advanced search criteria

· Clear restaurant reviews

· Order monitoring

· Modular delivery information


How to make an app like UberEats?

1.   Hot trends in the industry:

You need to be aware of the most recent trends in the food supply sector, including new delivery platforms, to be ahead of the competitors. To achieve this, consider the following patterns in food ordering:

· Social media presence:

Only think of ordering via social media accounts to make your app exclusive in your niche.

You can also use a social media platform to promote and place your order. Use easy customer order techniques to make your customers feel smooth and comfortable while placing their order.

· Virtual assistant:

In many ways, Chabot is now a handy assistant like food ordering. This technology makes it possible to order food through messengers and requests it by a single word.

Marketplace arrival has combined the network with Alexa, the virtual assistant to Amazon. Customers can today reorder any of their final three items purchased via the app. Alexa also informs us of the estimated delivery period in addition to placing orders.

· SmartWatch:

Smartwatches have gradually become an essential part of the consumer technology industry. Consumers can place an order, monitor delivery status updates, and see the expected arrival date.

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2. Look through the target audience:

To create an excellent food delivery app, you need to know your customers or your target audience. Just because once you know who is going to use your products, it is easy to build an app that best suits your target audience’s needs.

Mobile App Development Dubai Uses demographic criteria to draw a clear picture of your target audience and create a target customer profile. The following points need to be clarified: social qualities, including earnings, race, ethnicity, age, etc.

· How do your customers spend their free time on target?

· What potential problem could your company solve for customers?

· What feeling would elicit your company from your customers?

· Why should your customers use your stuff instead of competitors?

Features of the app:

· Login & Registration. Think about logging in via e-mail and social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.

· Searching. Enable your online food app with meal quest, filters, and food category as well. Each section should include dish pictures, method, and meal summary.

· You are placing instructions. When you pick the meal you want, you can add it to your shopping cart.

· Checkout order. It will place their orders after users pick their food. Each segment of the food delivery app, like Uber, will include all the selected dishes, and the customer will pay the total price.

· Fee: Transaction. If the order is ready, let your users pay for it through the constructed-in payment gateway. Our recommendation is to incorporate different payment systems, for example, PayPal, Stripe, MangoPay.

· Notifications. Use notifications and SMS to notify your customers of the order designation.

· comments and scores. Let users of your app share their feedback through feedback and rate establishments in your network. Online reviews will bring both interactive content and material evidence to your app.

· Monitoring Order. Using the CoreLocation platform for iOS apps and Google Location API for Android apps, empower the food delivery service such as UberEats with real-time order monitoring.

Cost of development of the app:

Other items, including platform number, feature list, number of integrations, and so on, make up the cost of the mobile app.

Only after the discovery (inception) phase will your Dubai mobile development arrive at an accurate app estimate.


The success of food ordering services creates a prospective investment market for on-demand food devices. Yet it would help if you accepted current trends in the food ordering industry.

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