How to Build a Real Estate Website like Zillow?

Would you choose to hire a real real estate agent, or visit a real estate website, if you want to buy or rent a house? Many of us prefer to find an estate to save money and access a broad array of options through real estate websites.

· Why did Zillow achieve such popularity?

· What steps should you take to develop a clone real estate app?

· How much will a two-sided real estate marketplace cost?

In this article, App Developer Dubai will answer all these questions and give helpful hints on how to build a property app without spending a small fortune.

The logic is easy-Zillow is increasing its scope by acquiring real estate technology companies. The app offers a range of useful functions to users, including:

· List of property clients is interested in

· Searching for the perfect house

· Exploring the area before moving to

· Find the right consultant

· Calculate the mortgage, refinancing and all probable costs


How does its monetization and development cost works?

Zillow provides consumers the following advertising services to earn money: Premier services for real estate brokers who pay for buying ads and getting leads on the portal.

Agents reimburse price for every infomercial knowledge, that is, cost per 1000 plus ad views cost per lead, ranging from $20 to $60.

The advertisement sales model includes selling advertising space to lenders, mortgage professionals, and other companies — the one rate platform fees per lead fee.

Features of Zillow clone app:

· Property listings and databases:

An essential element for a real estate marketplace is databases with properties. If your real estate firm has its property directory headquartered in your area, area, or country, it must be incorporated by the application development team in the away-end of the website.

· API:

You can integrate the API into your app and have access to published homes for sale. The site allows the API to incorporate into websites, as well as smartphone apps.

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· Post by proprietors: 

Since you will be building a two-sided platform, you will allow landlords to put their real estate details for sale.

You will enter one of the large multinationals in the data-sharing arrangement and list the property directly in your global market. You can choose among the following real estate platforms to achieve that:

Geolocation and Maps:

Our marketplace customers are going to want to know in advance what area they are heading to which direction. To provide it, you can integrate the Zillow API with neighborhood boundaries and a host of other APIs with district and geographic details;

· GeoNames, a database that involves more than 5 million location names.

· The Google Places API provides data about local area businesses such as restaurants, sports grounds, clubs, etc.

· MapBox creates your personalized and customized map with property listing, market, videos, and photos data.

For better search results, this tool also lets users draw a polygon on the map.

·    View of the property the client is buying:

One of the essential functions for real estate websites such as Zillow is a full description of the land. You can use: to give website users the excellent visualization of immovable objects:

1. Photos

2. 3D models

3. Visuals and clips

4. 360-degree panorama images

·    Cloud Infrastructure:

Your property website will include a significant quantity of high-quality photos, videos, and 360 ° panoramic pictures to hold all the data you need. Otherwise, you will face challenges with the scalability of the picture scheme, efficiency, and recovery of disasters.

Once Mobile App Development Dubai starts making an MVP property website, we will begin the process of experimentation (inception) to explore and expand on the concept of the project.

Besides, we’ll also describe the project’s scope and possible solutions to incorporate it. The main objective of the inspection process is to define the scope and specifications of the project and to establish an Inception Technical Report which may cost $4000.

The cost of creating an MVP real estate website starts at $30,000, whereas the cost of building an unmovable portal with an interactive timetable, payment system, and other bells and whistles will range from $150,000 to $200,000.

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The cost of developing a real estate app like Zillow is only approximate since the final estimate of the real estate website will depend on the website requirements. Contact me today for a consultation.

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