How To Develop An App Like Fetchr?

On-demand delivery services now dominate a variety of industries, including on-demand employment, home service providers, and food delivery services. Considering the Coronavirus, internet businesses and bundle conveyance administrations have arisen as the most state-of-the-art business, motivating numerous business people and new companies to join this expanding area.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about the profitability of starting your own on-demand delivery service. However, the primary concern that comes up is the amount of money required to develop such an application.

The standard response would be that it depends on the technology stack you select, the features that will be included in the application, and the development partner’s location. Mobile app developer Dubai has compiled all the necessary things you need to know for developing your app like Fetchr.


1.A user interface (UI) that is clear and straightforward

Users of all ages enjoy Fetchr’s user interface because it is extremely straightforward and user-friendly. The Fetchr service can be booked in just four easy steps thanks to this user interface’s ease of use. Make your app’s user interface as simple as possible because this is where most people will abandon it.

2. Reasonable pricing

The fact that Fetchr charges a one-time fee of AED 30 or AED 50, depending on the weight of the item, is encouraging because it is affordable for the majority of people and does not include any additional fees or conditions. Your services should be priced reasonably so that the majority of people can afford them at their convenience.

3. Location API

The Location Module is Fetchr’s beating heart because the GPS location serves as both your pick and destination address. It is believed that the app’s most distinctive feature is this particular feature, which is also its highlight feature. The module pinpoints your precise location without requiring you to manually enter it, is error-free, quick, and dependable.

4. Customer service

To provide your customers with the best possible services, your app needs to collaborate with experts who are friendly and knowledgeable, as well as make deliveries promptly. A mobile app like Fetchr is likely to be run by a top-notch customer service team, which brings us back to the topic of experienced professionals. You will already have an advantage if you can rely on a qualified and effective team to support your customers.


How can an app like Fetchr be built?

Step 1:Know what your users want.

If you can’t meet the needs of your users, making a delivery app could go wrong. As a result, if you want to create a pickup and drop-off app, you need to know who your target audience is and whether your concept app meets their needs. Keep your app focused on meeting the needs of your end users by conducting extensive research into their requirements.

Step 2:Create a plan by utilizing a variety of tools and conducting in-depth market research to acquire the most recent features and capabilities. The process of coming up with a strategy makes it less likely that mistakes in execution will happen.

Step 3:Implement effectively

You can either assemble a team of programmers or simply contact an app development company for assistance with construction and implementation. To guarantee that the arrangement has a result, the interaction should be completed utilizing the latest innovative stack. The development of a pickup and delivery app with all of its features takes a lot of time and money. Despite this, launching your app concept with a minimally viable product (MVP) solution would be beneficial.

Step 4:Deployment

The app needs to be tested a few times to make sure it doesn’t have any bugs. The app’s launch can take place at the deployment stage if the signal is green.

Step 5:After deployment, the user experience is even more important. You must have a customer support team that responds to all inquiries and concerns.

What amount does the Fetchr application cost?

The market for app development is being overtaken by pickup and delivery services, which is encouraging logistics businesses worldwide to enter this expanding sector. The cost of developing an application similar to Fetchr, an on-demand delivery software for Android and iOS, is without a doubt the main obstacle. However, an application similar to Fetchr benefits both consumers and businesses.

Due to the numerous factors involved, estimating the cost of developing an on-demand delivery app like Fetchr is never straightforward. Your choice of platform, the app’s complexity, features and functions, UI/UX design, app testing, technology stack, the team you hire to develop the app, and their hourly rate are the main factors that affect cost.

If all of these factors are taken into consideration and analyzed, the typical cost to develop a straightforward app will be around $20,000, and it will take more than four months to complete.

For more information and professional app development services, get in touch with the app developer Dubai.

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