How to Develop an App Like Grab Taxi?

The number of mobile apps is growing so that there may soon be no sphere for which there will not be a mobile app. Taxi ordering is one of the areas where mobile apps have become a must-have for users.

No more phone calls, no more compulsory cash payments to drivers–you’re choosing your driver, you’re picking up the driver’s requirements, just in a few taps on your phone! Uber, Easy, Lyft, Hello, Cabify–far from being exhaustive, this list of online taxi ordering apps are getting longer and longer with time.

It is one of the online taxi services that has gained a good reputation and popularity, and many people who want to start their taxi business are interested in how their taxi grab app can grow.


Features of the app like Grab Taxi:

The essential elements of the Passenger:

· Registration / Login Grab app are: via email or social media;

· order menu:

· select a pick-up and destination address, pick a taxi driver;

· monitor the position of the driver in real-time;

· see the ride price before ordering;

· payment in-app;

· push notifications;

· service feedback and reviews;

· booking history.

The architecture of the app:

To provide the taxi ordering application with good quality work, it matters not only the design of the mobile app but also the backend. It is about the server program that receives data from the user, processes this, sends it to some services and apps. This backend part makes it possible to communicate between various elements of the mobile app system.

The architecture design by Mobile App Developer Dubai to cope with it effectively and show good running speed:

· well structure the data on the server;

· determine the maximum device load;

· select the technologies that will help cope with the amount;

· choose the right servers for a location;

· check capacity before launching the app.

Choosing between the platforms:

It is fair to grow the product on both platforms in a situation with a customer taxi app, i.e., Android or iOS.

The more the app’s code is accessible and intuitive, the more useful the app is. When the Grab software on a mac is not much different from the rest of the system’s programs, the functions and menus required are easier to find.

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Push Notifications:

Timely alerts play a vital role in the acquisition and retention of new customers. It is essential to refer to a mobile operator to provide SMS alerts.


It’s one of the taxi apps ‘ critical assets – paying directly from your phone through your credit card.

Feedback and Review:

In any case, when creating the mobile app, these features must not be overlooked. You will prove that you can connect with your customers! Customers should have the chance to estimate the operation, give it a rating, leave the comment on a driver. It greatly influences the app’s overall rating!

Registration of Profile:

Remember the gained bonuses and payment details to keep the history of all bookings – all this is done conveniently with the help of registering a user profile. Such an option simplifies the lives of customers and is a must for applications that introduce mobile payments.

Technologies for your app:

App Developer Dubai says that without these technologies, a taxi app is particularly impossible:

· geolocation;

· push notifications and SMS;

· mobile payments.

How much will it cost you to develop an app like GrabTaxi?

It’s impossible to talk about the cost of a mobile app at fixed universal prices because it depends on multiple factors like the complexity of the work and the speed of the specialists ‘ work and, of course, the specialists ‘ cost per hour. It should be divided into compartments to count the project’s amount:

1. Design;

2. iOS and Android native app development;

3. Backend development;

4. Web development;

5. Project management;

6. Quality assurance.

The specialists’ hourly rates vary from $20 to $150. An approximate total cost for the iOS app is about $30,000, and the cost of an Android app is $35,000, which gives a total of $65,000 for both platforms.

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I shall take your business to the highest level with the help of an incredibly engaging and successful Android and iOS mobile app at that point. Hire me today.

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