How to Develop An App Like Zoom for Video Conferencing?

The novel coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has created many mobile devices and has given more power to several applications already present in the app stores and play stores.

Recently Zoom app is seeing an incredible surge with individuals from nearly every sector who have turned to it for meetings and video conferencing. Such apps have gained popularity due to the pandemic and remote conditions of employment and have paved a path for even more such apps. It is the right time to introduce an app like Zoom, although it’s of optimum use.

Nowadays, Zoom is becoming a domestic worker, and everybody who goes from college to retail outlets and business people uses this platform to remain connected. It’s proven to be a study of how social optimize things during these difficult times.


Offers which distinguish the Zoom App

Will you make an app like Zoom, and be confused about what attributes to include? Take a look at certain characteristics that make the appeals out and beat the contest:

Virtual background: This allows users to use a brand marketing background demonstration to avoid interruptions due to the clutter behind another. A user may change the virtual environment while engaging in a meeting and make it look like he/she is in some other part of the world. It will allow them to look presentable, too.

Scalability: Before creating the software, the Mobile App Developer Dubai developers were very considerate about optimizing the app. The app allows 1,000 people to participate in a meeting simultaneously and 10,000 people to display a conference without involvement. If you plan on launching a similar app, attention should be paid to the scalability.

HD audio and video: All applications should provide users with a high-quality video, as in the scenario of the Zoom app. Due to the HD quality and without disruptions, the virtual meetings and conference calls are very feasible to organize. With this function, the efficiency level rises a notch higher.

Transcription and recording: Any video conference app’s functionality should be to document any panel discussion and transcribe the content for reference purposes. The full report would have to be discoverable.

Calendar and saving: This is among the most frequently used features since it allows users to connect their calendar to the app and schedule meetings and events. This function acts as a personal user-reminder.

Notes: create the most of the app and allow users to make notes throughout a symposium or class. This feature enhances the customer experience, but it also makes it much easier for them to do everything on the same device at once rather than switch among apps and tabs.

Sharing the screen: One feature that makes Zoom unique is the users’ ability to share their laptop screens with the participants. If you want to create an app like Zoom, this should certainly be considered.

Cost of trying to develop a zoom app

Constructing an app for video conferencing varies from one another and may depend on different things. Consider how the cost of such an application is estimated:

Must hire an experienced team of expert designers. If you employ a team of professionals with great experience, you can have to pay more than those who are effective, but you may not have that level of expertise.

App’s characteristics play a major role in assessing an app’s price. An app with basic functions will cost less than an advanced feature-rich app.

For the time necessary to design the App Developer Dubai app, the team may be hired as full-timers or freelance writers.

The planning and design play an important role in the development of a mobile app. A simple layout would cost less than an app designed to be complex.


In Covid-19 times, people lost their personal and social touch, which has created a way for teleconferencing apps. These apps facilitated the function of the business as well as schools without even any disturbance. If you prepare to launch an app, then this is a good time to make it. For many of those who would like to follow the same path, the Zoom app has set an example with success.

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