How to Develop an ETF Portfolio Management App like Betterment?

Exchanging the securities exchange has been less time requesting lately, because of the accessibility of stock exchanging applications that permit you to exchange freely. Versatile exchanging applications make things much more straightforward for financial backers and merchants since you can do any financial exchange utilizing your cell phone. The versatile exchanging programming permits you to exchange from any place whenever.

Exchange stages give all fundamental help and help, for example, secure constant admittance to exchanging, research papers, stock value examination, market news, etc.

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What are the Key Features you can Add to your App like Betterment?


You’ll make it simpler for your clients to look and channel through portfolios/files, just as screen them progressively by presenting this capacity. They can likewise promptly monitor their state.

Specialized Analysis

Clients can look at values and assess patterns in resource developments utilizing devices like intuitive outlining, diagram examples, and specialized markers accessible during exchanging stages. Clients can adjust a few components of their outlines, including obstruction lines, signs, and area correlations, and save the progressions for some time in the future.

Pop-up messages

Your customers will actually want to set cautions for enormous market developments that could influence their resources utilizing the message pop-ups framework. This is significant usefulness that you ought not to neglect while making a stock exchanging application.


Scanners fueled by man-made reasoning chase for imminent financial exchange exchanges. Scanners, as scientific instruments, arrive in an assortment of layers of intricacy. Straightforward checking strategies, for instance, can uncover the most engaging stocks right now and organizations that are on the ascent or, on the other hand, in decay. Simultaneously, a more mind-boggling filtering framework can look for explicit examples, helping your clients in making more educated speculation choices.

Reserve Transfer

As the two bidders and merchants will purchase and offer stocks, it’s simply normal to have an asset move usefulness to make the cycle smoother. To ensure exchanges and information breaks, make this usefulness as straightforward and secure as could be expected.

Add Bank

Clients should add their ledger subtleties to genuine exchanges in this part of your application, similar to Betterment. Among the main elements of any web-based exchanging programming is this one. Accordingly, guarantee that this region is easy to utilize and that the information is secure.


The watchlist usefulness permits clients to add capitals to their watchlists with the goal that they can monitor them. A vital piece of custom monetary programming advancement is giving clients a customized insight.

Place Orders

Clients can put in new requests in most exchanging frameworks, including market orders, limit orders, and other request types. Clients can likewise get to constant costs, track day by day exchanging information, the triumphant rate, and the benefits and misfortunes on finished exchanges.


The more assets for speculation that are upheld, the more clients it can serve. So endeavor to expand your stock, ETF, and other asset portfolios. While making an exchanging application, it’s additionally smart to incorporate a store work with the capacity to follow its status continuously. Give an inquiry choice that permits clients to rapidly find resources and screen dynamic stocks or current market rates.

Robo Advisor

The prevalence of Robo counselors, which is programming devices for overseeing portfolios, is quickly expanding. The applications help financial backers in settling on informed choices as per their portfolios. Clients can pick where to put away their cash all alone.


As stock exchanging is a speedy industry, agents should settle on fast choices. The latest stock updates are utilized to make these choices. You can further develop productivity and direct your client to settle on that speedy choice by fusing live citations and outlines into your application.

Paper Trading

Most exchanging stages incorporate danger-free virtual cash exchanging highlight known as paper exchanging. Clients can use this element to rehearse their abilities with no-genuine cash exchanges prior to putting away genuine cash. Clients can explore different avenues regarding various strategies to see what works without risking their cash.

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