How to Develop and Create a Dog-Walking App for Dog Lovers?

Our life is random. Imagine coming home after you have worked overtime. And all you see is your dog looking at you with its big sad eyes.

Too many dog owners a lack of time is a common concern. However, the pet will have its own needs, and it should exercise daily. Thanks to today’s digital era, we now have a mobile app, even for walking dogs.

Pet walking applications now operate fantastically for both scheduled and unplanned dog walking services on demand.

Mobile App Developer Dubai has gathered the critical steps in this article on how to build an app like Uber for finding dog walkers.


Features of a dog-walking app:

· A dog owner submits a dog walk order.

· A dog walker answers the order, and the booking confirmed in real-time.

· The dog owner will be able to track the route with GPS during the walk, receive photo updates, and even report poo and pee.

· After the walk ends, the dog walker takes the pet home and pays via the dog-walking app.

· The pet owner can value the walker and compose a review of the service.

How to create a dog walking app?

App Developer Dubai gives these steps to create an app:

1.   Find your niche:

In choosing a small slot for your dog owner app, consider the following:

· They are sitting with the dog. Local dog keepers can play, snack on, or provide more customized care for dogs.

· Education for Dogs. You may create an on-demand dog education program with qualified handlers.

· Grooming pets. On-demand pampering is another potential niche for pet service.

1.   Research your competitors:

Your main goal at this point is to get a detailed, competitive view of the landscape. To do this, you can do the following:

· Look for competitors with ideas or common ideas with similar services.

· Review their social media accounts, blogs, and online communities.

1.   Monetization strategy:

Most of the marketplaces for dog walkers implement the model of service aggregator network.

· Fees transaction. Use your dog walking market to charge a percentage of every purchase you make.

· Promotions paid. Dog walkers will increase their exposure to advertising searches.

· Paid commercials. Pet-related companies can pay for running their advertisements on the app.

· Overtaking costs. The demand for dog walking is higher in some places than in the supply. You can, therefore, push up prices to encourage dog walkers to offer their services at a higher price.

1.   Feature List:

· Initial profile. A walker will say about the previous experience of walking with a dog, put a photo and connection to profiles on social media.

· Questions. In this segment, dog walkers can accept all new dog walking work requests.

· Free time. Dog walkers should incorporate the time in the calendar when they’re available for dog walking.

· Log in to new users via social network accounts like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.

· Online talk is the platform where the pet owner can chat with the dog walker about all the details.

· Build-in Payment gateway allows pet owners to use their credit cards to pay walkers.

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1.   Design and develop the app:

You’ll need to complete the following to create a convenient and user-friendly design:

· Sketch. The functionality of the app needs to be prioritized and visualized by user experience. With a few rough drawings of the primary app screens, you can do that.

· Wireframe. You can now start creating wireframes from the app. App elements such as text, icons, frames, charts, and event descriptions should include in the wireframe.

· Prototype. I will use your drawings and wireframes to create a prototype of the app design.

1.   MVP of the app:

App MVP’s development and design process takes 2 to 4 months and costs $10K. Once your MVP application is ready, you can render the campaign live and submit it to markets in the app.


Dog walking apps have become famous for pet owners in recent years. This app offers reliability and flexibility for dog owners and the ability to take care of their pets.

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