How to Increase the Rate of Conversion With An App Redesign?

The redesign problem is not just about style, but about users ‘ emotions when they open up your application. Especially after using other cool, modern apps with intuitive user interface and attractive layout. So, if you have an app developed over a year ago, stay with Dubai Mobile App Development to find out how to update an app, and how it will boost your service, increase the rate of conversion of users, and help you build a strong community of customers.



How redesign increases the mobile app conversion rate?

For every company, redesigning an existing device is an essential step. If you decide to take this leap, let us walk you through the benefits that you will get.


1)     More appealing look:

Every day, fashion changes. The colors we liked two years ago now look too disturbing or dull vice versa. The up-to-date layout is very important to them if the app targets mainly young people. New users prefer a modern look, preferring a device that looks more stunning. That’s why when you update your app, you need to follow the latest design trends. Remember, very intuitive, easy and modern UI is often expected by the young audience.


2)     Advanced Usability:

Following the latest trends in UI design, not only will you make the device look more appealing, but you will also boost its functionality. How? Pretty easily. Modern software uses principles of automation, so a user does not have to manually enter all the data. The software would have to use as many sensors as possible for this.


3)     Improved Personalization:

Nearly all sorts of apps can now use AI software to collect user information, learn their interests and desires, and give just that information to a customer, which he or she would most likely appreciate. Also, some modern apps allow users to select the subject, build stickers, attach or remove tools from a toolbar. All of these features build an app’s unique UI.


4)     More CTA elements:

A redesign of an application is a good way to add as many call-to-action elements as you like. Modern methods, however, allow us to make these buttons distracting and very enticing, leading to an ideal outcome-App Developer Dubai convince a consumer to do what you want and raise app sales.


5)     Better Social Integration:

Social integration enables users to share content with their friends from your app or content they have created with the help of your app. With minimal effort, it is a great way to acquire new users. You can add more if the app is already integrated with one or two social media. And don’t ignore the messengers. Modern customers like sharing content through WhatsApp or Telegram, so add it as well.


6)     Use Icons:

Usually, icons are very basic and familiar to users, so from the very start, they feel very natural to use them. It’s all part of the intuitive interface that we like. They help a client navigate quickly through a device. These integrated icons familiarize a new app.


7)     Animation:

The animation is one of the new UI design trends and in the coming year it will not lose its place. One of the most common animation use choices is a loading symbol. This brings joy and also saves time for consumers.


8)     Content Organization:

It’s critical how you organize content in your app. It looks messy if there are too many elements. If a screen has only a few items, a client does not have everything he wants. Instagram had less content on one screen before the redesign. They’ve added more now. The problem here is not only finding this golden mean, but also arranging it in a way that would be a user’s most convenient.


9)     Make it minimalism:

Minimalism should not only be about your app’s interface, but also its functionality. The argument is that all the apps should be grouped into groups and covered under one tag. This will make it much easier and more intuitive to manage.

A mobile app redesign is an essential step for all the companies out there looking to get better and increased conversion rates.


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