How to Optimize Your Mobile App to Boost Conversion?

In the paper, the demand for mobile apps is more competitive than ever, with billions of smartphone owners worldwide having access to millions of applications in the App Store and Google Play. Always bear in mind that every month thousands of new apps are launched. Such amazing numbers fill the industry with a feeling of “gold rush,” with millions of developers–both independent and corporate–looking for their new release to strike mobile gold.

But if you look closer, you can find that in the world of technology, not everything glitters. Smartphone users ‘ lack of engagement has become one of the major challenges in this industry.

Here’s how a highly converting mobile app can be developed by Mobile App Developer Dubai.

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    Look beyond Click:

As the mobile world is shifting, so are the KPIs making apps a success. At first, in the App Store or Google Play, marketers focused exclusively on landing-page click-through rates. Of course, that doesn’t quantify the use. Installs then became the key performance metric, but that tells you about actual user interaction next to nothing.

Today, the real formula for measuring the success of your app is:

  • How much value do users get out of the app after installing it?
  • What problems does your app solve for consumers?

That’s what’s going to suggest to you how to launch a mobile high-converter app. And by looking at a few key metrics, such as customer engagement, you can assess the efficacy of your value proposition.

  1. In-app events business goals:

Say you own a restaurant and look for new and existing customers to get involved. If you have a high-converting mobile app that works in combination with a great mobile-optimized website, then there are plenty of opportunities to engage users. These customers can be offered coupons and discounts, as well as new ones with high social media influence. Maybe even another discount for those who use their food to take a picture and share it on social media.

The idea is that any small business can use its app to apply these strategies and monitor the activities of the consumer. You now have all the resources needed to properly segment your target audience with this bit of new information.

  1. Optimize post-install activities:

A good solution for app attribution tests the acquisition of users when attributing that installation to its marketing campaign. This promotes and shows ads and media sources that re-engage the customers and connects to in-app events. Also, after deployment, it helps you to monitor user behavior and calculate meaningful interaction over time.

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Your list of media sources with data panels reflecting several actions will have a typical dashboard on an analytics platform including:

  • Rates of conversion.
  • Real clients.
  • Average per consumer profits.


  1. Link your mobile campaigns:

Just as linkability is key to website content’s success, it is also crucial for mobile apps to be successfully converted. The glaring difference is that the mobile universe does not have hyperlinks. Instead, this mobile platform relies on what are called “strong connections,” and as an active acquisition and user retention network, professionals make compelling arguments for this link.

Mobile App Development Dubai is successful in bridging the gap between mobile apps, websites, and email. Deep linking allows the user to access a mobile app via a regular website, and this has not always been the case as any device user who has received an email requesting a login when their app is already open.

Now, right after setup, via deep-linking, the app will fire up and link the client directly to the web offer that in the first place enticed them, removing pain points and taking them down the sales funnel to where they eventually become a paying customer through the app.

Signing off:

Through following the above tips on optimization, you should be able to glean the knowledge needed to create an app that gives users real value and converts accordingly. But other performance keys go beyond advertising and include the entire team.

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