How to Post Your App on App Store And Do it Right?

The App Store is viewed as a beneficial turf, with 1.8 million downloads, which allows business people to meet a great many clients around the globe. Yet, whenever you’ve made an application, that doesn’t ensure that the absolute first endeavor will be acknowledged by the Apple App Review division.

A couple of reasons why 40% of uses are denied contain glitches, missing ties, and the wrong screen captures.

It is prompted that you find a way to stop this and deliver an application without issues in the App Store:


Check if your application will pass the Guidelines for the App Store

The App Store Method detailed a bunch of decisions that ought to be perceived by any submitter as even a minor hitch in application distribution that triggers dismissal.

Security of Safety

Apple needs all customers to see the App Store serenely and decidedly. That is the reason you should ensure that there is no hostile substance in your application connected to ethnic, misogynist, strict bigotry, and other socially delicate issues.

Encroachment of protected innovation, odds of substantial injury (when a medical care application makes a mixed-up determination about a specific illness), wrong contact data, and break-off security are different clarifications that it is conceivable to deny the application. Mobile App Development Dubai is an expert in mobile app development.


Bugs and glitches found in your application are another avocations why your application might be opposed by the App Store. The App Store Experts say that you acknowledge a beta testing application through TestFlight to forestall this and check whether it functions admirably on different iOS gadgets (iPhones, iPads, and iPods).


If you didn’t fathom how your application functions, it will be dismissed by the Apple App Review division. Additionally, exorbitant costs for in-application buys, counterfeit audits, and outsider commitment are likewise respected to abuse the App Store Guidelines.


On the off chance that you need to finish the App Store Regulations, your application configuration ought not to duplicate different applications. After its first dispatch on the App Store, another proposal is to refresh your application as Apple eliminates old applications.


In a country/country where you make it accessible, check on the off chance that it meets the lawful commitments before presenting your application on the App Store. Ensure that your application in the picked area doesn’t disregard client protection and licensed innovation.

Register in the Developer Program for Apple

You need to make an Apple Developer Program profile to distribute your application, which costs $99 each year. You’ll gain admittance to the applicable attributes in this manner:

To monitor publicizing efforts, client commitment, and so forth, get immediate openness to application investigation

Welcome your clients and test TestFlight for the application.

Prepare your application for Submission

After you have checked the App Store Guidelines measures and made a record in the Apple Development Program, before submitting, you need to test your gadget for bugs.

Make a posting of your application store with App Store Connect

You should sign in to App Store Connect to create an application store posting, click the ‘My Apps’ symbol, and afterward select the ‘+’ alternative. If you add another capacity to your application, the activity looks very comparable, however, you need to pick a “current application” rather than “+”.

Whenever you have finished fundamental application information, (for example, your gadget, name, caption or portrayal, essential language, and so forth), start filling in the App Knowledge hole. You should do the following thing in this part:


  • Write that class (where your application should be put on the App Store).
  • Add a connection to the URL of your Privacy Policy application.
  • Complete with Your Apple ID (it very well may be made on this connection).

Set up Your Distribution App

You should act rapidly about symbols, metadata, a developed application review, or screen captures before presenting an application on the App Store.

The symbols depict your application for App Store clients. Thus, to make them, you need to see the entirety of the App Store’s prerequisites required, including the screen size, gadget, and OS. Peruse the Human Interface Rules on the best way to plan easy-to-understand versatile applications.

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