Mobile User Experience-Making it Celestial

Responsive templates, increasing the smartphone user base, CSS3 and all of these you’ve been listening to for a long time now! App Developer Dubai will take you through the mobile user interface and key elements that make such a celestial experience!


The post’s focus is on how the individual elements that combine and create a beautiful mobile user experience can be enhanced.



Mobile Best UX Practices:


  • Functionality: Identify and distinguish key functions from other networks to more reliably target mobile customers. Offer relevant mobile-only features such as scanning, recognition of images, etc. Make sure the content and functionality are designed for mobile use. Eg. Let the locator of your store define and locate a store nearest to the current location of the phones. Prioritize your company features. Even, if the app application somehow does not operate well at a time, provide them with alternatives to other platforms.
  • Data Architecture: Arrange the functionalities and information in a logical structure and sequence to make it easy for users to perform tasks. Decide main and secondary mobile device navigation patterns. Optimize the small screen navigation, keep it big and shallow. Let users execute tasks in three simple taps. Design about the users of the touch screen and the non-touch screen. Provide navigational signs and large icons and fonts for navigational objects with appropriate labels.
  • Content: To a large extent, content development for mobile users varies. Try to adapt for mobile users to multimedia content. Provide a mixture of material for guidance, promotion, and service. Do not link to the material of the crowd. Take care of the targets of the finger and layout the contents of the calls for action accordingly. Optimize images and media after proper testing for various devices.
  • Technology: Design is a key element that can make or break the experience of your mobile user. Render the project friendly and engaging visually. Maintain continuity across touchpoints such as mobile websites, mobile media applications, etc. Layout in a way that makes it easy for users to search and test. Bring all visual elements into the flow and include in the design process both landscape and portrait orientations.
  • User Input: Users should be able to easily input data into their mobile devices. Restrict data to the critical field while the information is being collected. If necessary, view default values. Offer alternative methods or applications to manually through the input of data. Please deactivate captcha keys! Seek to consider offering tools for auto-filling, spell checking and prediction.
  • Trustworthiness: Users use the mobile app or website to develop confidence. Privacy and security are among the top two concerns of smartphone users, according to one of the surveys. Try to keep the generic information. Only when needed, collect private information. Clearly, state your purpose and how the information collected will be used. Let us protect the privacy of your clients.
  • Notification and Feedback: When mobile users decide to stay on your site for a long time, checking updates about their completed tasks is equally important for them. Keep the alerts, brief and informative notification.
  • Mobile Help: Keep your mobile website or app’s help page very appropriate. Incorporate self-serving FAQs, live click-to-call support, twitter support, use best practices video aid tutorials.
  • Allow Personalization: Customization is key to improving the user experience of mobile apps. Individualization can also help to achieve advertising goals. It is a win-win for all concerned shareholders.
  • Use Established Gestures: This one should go without saying, Mobile App Developer Dubai are already used to using on their phones to find existing gestures. For most users, things like pinching to zoom or swiping have become intuitive and should be used whenever possible.
  • Focus on speed: Including content in an app that doesn’t need to be updated whenever the device loads faster. As content will only be loaded as needed so focus on speed is really important.


User experience is both at the same time interesting and challenging. It’s important to stand out from the crowded mobile space. Mobile App Development Dubai presents an outline of key elements that could dramatically change the experience of mobile users.


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