Must-Have Features for an On-Demand Laundry App Development

The days are gone when people ask, “Why do I need a mobile app for something already well-managed?”. Mobile applications on-demand today took the business world to a whirlwind. They’re having a big impact on our lives.

When you run out of an important ingredient when cooking, a supermarket service is available for you on request.



Features of an on-demand laundry app:

Freelance App Developer Dubai has given these features considered to be a must-have:

  • Simple login / sign-up facility for customers: Use their mobile numbers or social media accounts, customers will be allowed to login / sign-up. This will save them from entering their data from the tedious task.
  • Type of items to choose from love options for customers: Clothes can be made of different fabrics and require special care. Customers will be able to pick the type of fabrics, fabric sizes, detergent and machine washing and hand washing preferences, and so on.
  • Schedule delivery: Consumers can choose the timing of the pickup according to their convenience. Simply select the time and date of the pickup from the mobile app and pick up their laundry from their doorstep.
  • Estimated cost: As consumers choose the number of their clothes and supplies, they can see an estimated cost for the laundry service.
  • Favorite laundry man: Based on his service, customers can favor a laundryman. This way he gets an opportunity to be handled by the same laundry person the next time the customer reserves for laundry.
  • Order status: Consumers can use the laundry service to monitor the status of the order after placing an order. The laundryman must update the order status and keep the consumers up-to-date with their order details.
  • Cancel order: The customers want to cancel their orders several times because of not-so-particular reasons. The mobile application for the laundry service comes with an integrated feature to cancel an order. It sends a message to the delivery person immediately and the reservation is canceled.
  • Reviews: They will have the opportunity to add their feedback for the delivery person as well as the laundry man after the customers receive their laundry.
  • My deals: Using the on-demand laundry service mobile app, consumers can access their loyalty points and tailor-made promotions from their profiles.
  • Notification: Alerts will be issued by customers as and when their laundry status changes. This will keep them updated during the service’s duration.
  • Track driver: By using their on-demand laundry service mobile application, customers will be able to track the drivers to know the status of their laundry.
  • Different payment options: The on-demand mobile laundry app would allow customers to checkout using their different payment options to minimize manual processing. Customers can use the debit card, credit card, net banking, eWallets, etc. to make payments.


Technologies used in Laundry App Development:


1)     Cloud Technology:

Cloud servers play an important role when it comes to the creation of the laundry app. It’s because on these servers all the data associated with payment, orders, users, and laundry people are processed. A cloud-based on-demand laundry app makes the laundry company scalable.

It also handles all correspondence through secured servers, thereby protecting the business ‘ privacy and integrity.


2)     GPS Tracking:

In all on-demand applications, GPS plays an important role and laundry apps are no exception.

GPS provides real-time turn-by-turn navigation for the laundryman. It also reveals how much distance to reach the target he has to travel. 


3)     App store optimization:

You don’t have to think about marketing your laundry app with feature optimization. Together with intelligence software, app optimization manages analysis, ratings, and keyword optimization effectively.

This ensures that the app becomes an enormous hit on the app store or play store.


Summing up!

For your on-demand laundry company, a mobile app can do wonders. At first, the consumers will be drawn to the new service on the market as an innovative idea.

You just need to put in an effective marketing plan and let your on-demand mobile laundry app earn you money. With Mobile App Development Dubai, taking over the market without any competition will be simpler for you.


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