Predict The Hidden Costs of Apps After You Launch

Your app is now fully operational, after months of effort.

But as you work through your accounts, you realize your monthly spending hasn’t dropped significantly — if anything, it’s going up. What happens?

Software costs are secret and you need to predict them after you complete your work.

Truthfully, this is something I must always inform my customers while they are designing new apps. They expect that once the project is created, the costs will go down to zero and they will be paid out.


That’s absolutely not the case, and it couldn’t be further from the truth

An analogy for explaining what happened here. Say you are moving from renting a room to buying a home. Will you think your loan will be your only burden as a borrower after the down payment? No. No.

Look at your outlay. Your water bill, your gas bill, your electric bill everything else will go up even though your house is larger than your flat. You may have other expenses that you’ve never had before, such as a gardener or a landscaper, to keep your assets intact.

Production of Software is the same

Any time you move from a small project to a larger project, there are some expenses that you can incur on a continuous basis. Everyone is so obsessed with deciding production rates, they neglect the hidden infrastructure costs after launch.

I’ll clarify in this guide the top concealed tech costs you must expect after you launch.

Hidden Cost # 1: Keep Your Staff

Who established the software for you? Even after you launch the app development company will try to preserve your software.

As new possibilities present themself your software will evolve with the market. The vision also will reflect practice on App Developer Dubai customer demands.


One thing you should always recognize — stagnant technology is dead technology.

Look out for companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and all the other giants around the world. They have done such a decent job in software development, wouldn’t you agree? Anything that you would think was created. Then why have they got an army of technicians behind them? The creation of the program is never completed.

You’ll still need your staff to manage this between improvements, new functionality, consumer demands and just growing the network.

Approximately 30 percent of applications are revised at least once a month. A further 53 percent of applications are revised every six months.

But you can’t intend on letting your production team go after the start date. The team members who created the app will keep on staying on board.

This is the fact of the situation; if you get rid of the people, then your program will die a slow death.

Note you must continuously change to maintain a competitive edge in this crowded market. The program you started out with needs to adjust over time and adjust.

Hidden Cost # 2: Costs to Host

In your original estimate, you must foresee the hosting costs.

These expenses are borne by the applications running the servers. Based on the location of the app you are creating you can have email servers, changes create servers, analytics servers, application servers, and other servers.

Most definitely, you shall deal with a company supplying you with a product or SaaS for which you’ll pay monthly. Or you are running the program to a corporation like Amazon Web Services somewhere within the cloud. For this form of hosting also there will be a service charge.


Hidden Expense # 3: Retention

I’m sure you’ve been through the technologies before your release to make sure it worked correctly. All the bugs have been found, patched and you’ve been done — correct?

This is not inherently true, particularly when it comes to the mobile app space.

Although the vulnerabilities for some devices or particular operating systems may have been patched, devices change over time. Your software or Dubai App Developer application could regress when that happens.

Whenever the company sees a new potential market, financial risks are borne. You need to rapidly change gears to ensure you can effectively meet the business’s needs.

There are also occasions when consumer demands are time-sensitive. So it may be too late if you wait six months to take action. Just 34 percent of businesses pursue a very next-mover advantage in terms of technology.

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