Reimaging Your Mobile App Bad Reputation

Can you afford the source of your future business empire to have a bad reputation online at a time when the internet is filled with bits of advice telling entrepreneurs to opt for a mobile-first approach?

The challenges facing the startup of a mobile app are already a lot to be overlooked and left unnoticed. And when you add the bad app reputation issue to the mix, the entire app journey instantly becomes much more haywire.

As you launch your application, every single day after the day functions as a landmine. While you may be too careful never to step on them, chances are that it would take a lot to recover from the damage if you do so.


In this article, a Mobile App Developer Dubai will give you the secrets of how you can manage the reputation of your brand, both on the app and online in terms of your empire.


Let’s get there straight-away without further hesitation.


 1)     Set up listening tools:

You can set up subscriptions to device monitoring tools long before you even hit the send app button–the first move on how to track the popularity of your app.

The purpose of this technology is to get all listed about your application online and at the same time, there is a range of product reputation management tools that you can choose to be one step ahead in the search to fight against negative reviews about your company.


2)     Replay in Real-time:

You need a team in place to respond to all user feedback in real-time in the play store and app store before the product hits the market. Not reacting to users is one of the biggest ways in which apps affect product credibility.

This will ensure that there is no bad mention unaddressed. Because, in many ways, an unaddressed review is the same as being a catalyst for a tarnished reputation.


3)     Bring troubleshooting to websites:

One of the root causes of any brand’s real bad reviews and references is that consumers do not get a solution to their question. So, if you give them a platform full of troubleshooting solutions they can apply and get a redress, they will automatically lose their chances of passing a bad review.

So, Dubai Mobile App Development recommends that you hire an online experienced mobile app reputation manager and brainstorm all the different scenarios that users can face that can frustrate them and then work on troubleshooting guides to solve it in one place for them.


4)     Do not be defensive:

If dealing with bad reviews, a very important thing to understand is that the people who make them are annoyed. So, no matter how small you think the issue is and how unreasonable the answers of the users are to it, make sure that your answer is always on a defensive note. Whatever word the users use, the response must always be on the softer side.


5)     Keep the reply short:

The number one formula in each guide to enhancing the prestige of mobile apps is never to use the store comment section or any social media platform as your way of responding to the complaining user with paragraph-sized solutions or justifications.

For example, you can take 3 lines as your standard response size to keep your comment very short and accurate.


6)     Take the user on a private channel:

Refrain from defending or clarifying any miscommunication on a social platform that is open to all to see. After all, if you send a negative message online as a product, instead of understanding the situation, the client out of pride will only carry it forward and beyond.

So, just mention your email I d in the comment and ask users to get in touch with it–taking them off the site where there is room for the good reviews to expand. Also, read Creating a customer experience map for a delightful digital experience.


7)     Reply when the issue is resolved:

Make it a compulsory process to respond to your customers promptly when the issue is resolved. Even if it’s going to take a week to finish, make sure you get back to the comment and drop in a line saying the issue is solved now and you’re sorry that it first caused inconvenience and that you value the association they have with your brand.


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