Responsive Web or Native Mobile App Development- Which Suits You?

It is important to recognize your company’s priorities and the challenges your customers face when deciding whether you should create a responsive web app or a native mobile app. Learning these two issues will have a huge impact on the development of your mobile app.

The blog will serve as a tool to help you and your team identify the right mobile application design solution for the job. Some of the advantages and disparities between responsive web apps and native mobile apps have been broken down by a Freelance Mobile App Developer Dubai.



UI/UX in mobile app development:

User interface design is an important aspect in the creation of mobile apps because it is how your users communicate with your device and it is usually the first experience of your company by a user. To keep the customers interested, positive user experience is crucial; thus, your app must be smooth and intuitive. 

To ensure that you build a successful digital application, you can conduct user testing throughout the life cycle of software development and collect feedback that will enable you to move forward with more informed decisions.


Responsive Web App development:

So long as there is an active internet connection, sensitive web apps can be accessed through any internet browser. Web apps are not device-specific and need not be downloaded as native apps, making web apps easier to access. Web apps will also be updated to make the software more user-friendly.



Web applications can be accessed from any browser, and no installation is needed. Since web apps can be accessed through an active internet connection, web apps can run on both mobile and desktop computers. 


Since web applications are not listed in app stores, they can be published at any time without marketplace restrictions. This means, however, that these apps do not have app store reviews, and discoverability may be much lower. 

The advantage of web apps is that they update automatically. The users will not need to download the latest updates whenever a new release is available.



Web apps need a browser to function, making it difficult or impossible to use. Web applications also need an active internet connection to work, limiting their usability. Web applications are also slower than native apps and more limited features.

Because web apps can be accessed on any phone, any operating system (iOS or Android) is not personalized to look and feel.

Examples are Netflix, Google Docs


Native Mobile app development:

Native mobile apps are software designed for specific operating systems. Such programs are not accessed by a browser and can only be downloaded from the correct app store. Native apps are easily accessible due to their appearance in app stores, and product pages can be designed to increase visibility for search and maximize downloads. 

Examples are Instagram, Uber.



Native mobile applications contain platform-specific code that improves the efficiency of the device and can be customized to the specific operating system for the user interface design. 


For each device, native mobile apps use different programming languages including Java, C++, and JavaScript for the Android platform, and Swift and Objective-C for the iOS platform. 

Native mobile applications are running faster and stronger as they are platform-specific, resulting in a more positive user experience. 



For each platform, native mobile apps use different programming languages, which takes more time and energy to develop, contributing to a larger investment. In comparison to responsive web apps, native apps do not update automatically, meaning users need to update their software regularly.


Final Comparison!

Using Java, JavaScript and HTML, web apps are built and run in web browsers. The lack of standardized resources, such as SDK, to aid development efforts is a drawback to the web app development process.

Native mobile applications developed for various mobile platforms have a separate development cycle of their own. The development of native mobile apps can also use the tools of a mobile platform.

Since web apps do not have the unique functionality that native mobile apps do, they may not provide the user experience that will meet the needs of the customer. App Developers Dubai creates an immensely great native app as well as a web app according to your needs.


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