Revolutionize Your Coffee Shop Mobile App with These Features

A mobile app is a great instrument to acquire fresh clients and build allegiance among your present clients. Millions of mobile apps are downloaded every day, so having your mobile app gives you the chance to be found via a fresh channel. On the other hand, use push notifications to increase allegiance. Set offers and promotions to your customers without the cost of distribution, in real-time and directly. Leave this all to Dubai Mobile App Development expert hands.



Must-have features for coffee shop mobile app:


1)     Digital Menu:

If you sell your cafeteria a range of coffee and other drinks and snacks, we promote you to post a digital menu on your mobile app. This menu will assist customers to see all the products your cafe has to offer. Also, a short overview of the ingredients used for each of the products mentioned in your app would be a great idea. This will assist your customers to be more educated about placing their orders.


2)     Loyalty Program:

Increasing customer engagement is one of the main advantages of creating a mobile application for any company. And the loyalty program is one of the best ways to accomplish it when it comes to client commitments. 

You can provide some reward points for your clients on each of their purchases. These acquired reward points can be transformed to a discount or a free cup of coffee for your clients upon achieving a certain limit.


3)     Push Notifications:

Push notifications can assist you to remain linked to your current clients. You can send your clients a brief message about some discounts, offers or any fresh arrivals at your cafeteria via a push notification function. 

One of the push notification functions ‘ most significant advantages is that it can reach your customers ‘ device screen almost immediately. Consequently, it is also regarded as an efficient direct marketing instrument.


4)     Coffee Recipe:

App Developer Dubai recommends unveiling your secret coffee recipe, not every ingredient but the basic ones. If you believe your recipe for coffee is special and can be your USP, why not show it on your mobile app. Users of your app can be caused to visit your cafeteria by learning about your distinctive manner of brewing coffee.


5)     Slot Reservation:

These days, a lot of formal conferences and conferences are taking place at the cafeteria. You can therefore also enable your customers to book a slot in advance at your cafeteria. The cost of slots can also be marked depending on the number of hours. This function is not accessible in most of the cafeteria, so you have an excellent chance to seize this chance.


6)     Personal Invitation:

How would you feel if you get a freebie or some special discount notification on your device screen from a store which is located in the same mall where you are hanging out? Chances are that you will go to that store to check out what they have to offer that day, right? The same feature you can integrate with your mobile apps too. You can invite the members to push notifications to come down to your cafe when they are nearby.


7)     E-commerce Store:

You can reap double benefits from your same mobile application. Having a separate section for selling items like coffee powder, cookies or other snacks will help you get more orders from the same customers. 

With me as your guide, I’ll provide these features with ultimate perfection:

  • Have a digital menu
  • GPS for your customers to your location 
  • Push notifications tangled with instant offers. 
  • Show off pictures of your amazing facilities. 
  • Acquire new customers anywhere.
  • Display live video of your place.
  • Allow contact through the provided information
  • Integrate your blog and social networks and much more…



Wrapping up, your coffee shop mobile app will make you shine among your competitors with pop-up stands and stand-out in the crowd with the best and latest features.


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