Success in Leveraging The App Store: Top KPIs You Have to Measure

There are now more than two million smartphone users spanning two big app markets, and they are still growing. In all the nooks and crannies of our everyday lives and business practices, smartphone applications have made inroads.

Usually, it is highly necessary to optimize many metrics about customer experience, network monitoring, and company conversion for Mobile App Developer Dubai app publishers and marketers worldwide. Here we’re going to describe the five key metrics you need to watch to calculate your app’s performance in app stores.

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the most crucial part for any consumer is to become quickly searchable and accessible to the target crowd. Your app has to be discoverable and available to the audience, whether you enter search queries or get highlighted or reach top charts, in one direction or another.

The preceding are a few metrics to keep records of the app’s detectability.

Rating on Keywords

Where your app occurs against a chosen keyword in the search outcome, it applies to the search ranking.

Rating group

Where the app in the corresponding category ranks corresponds to the ranking of the category.

Both these metrics that can be conveniently monitored can show the discoverability of your product in the markets for App Developer Dubai applications.

  1. Users that are involved

It is one of the most relevant metrics for assessing a smartphone app’s traction and interaction. The number of daily users of a smartphone app reflects the interest of the community and how it grows. That implies the app is gaining more momentum when this metric shows progress.

  1. LTV (Lifetime Value)

The percentage of subscribers hardly gives an indication of the market transformation or the sort of income they produce for the app, whether measured on a monthly, quarterly, or weekly basis. The lifetime value or LTV is the metric that seeks to calculate over some time the total revenue generated by a customer. This measure is more closely related to an app’s bottom line and is thus very important.

While on a weekly, regular, or additional fee, you can effectively monitor user session time and monitor their CTR and experiences, it remains difficult to calculate the market conversion. It is where this measure is as handy as it makes it easy to measure the gross sum effect of the entire marketing strategies of the app.

  1. Price of User Acquisition

The user contract sum is another significant metric directly linked to the result and sales. The total number of customers should split the overall marketing expenditure invested in customer acquisition. The statistic will be further broken on a monthly and annual basis, and it can be seen if the acquisition cost is rising or declining.

  1. Level of transformation

As per the numerous visibility indicators we have discussed, the software is accessible and discoverable. The problem now is, does this visibility turn into purchases of apps? How many visitors are a vital metric to assess the performance of your digital marketing and app promotion after you find your app installs the app?


Using great product names, entertaining product descriptions supported by screenshots, photos and video content, application reviews, and app ratings are some of the main methods to improve App Store efficiency and conversion.

The essential measurement parameter called Click-through rate (CTR) will chart the conversion of the smartphone market. The number of individuals who select to go to the product page after arriving on your application store snippet is reflected in the amount, and it is considered the engagement rate. It is an undeniable aspect of the marketing funnel to be monitored daily by app promoters.

Luckily, to boost the exchange rate, you have a variety of specialized A / B review methods that help you determine the effect of different facets of your app listing and also offer useful tips for enhancing conversions.

Although these indicators are also well known and monitored by app advertisers around the world every day, you ought to make sure that you use an excellent analytics platform to more reliably track your user interest and company transition.

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