The Power of Demo App for Your Business

Here’s the following: If you’re trying to sell an app without a built-in demo app, you’re making a big mistake! If you want to be competitive in selling mobile apps, don’t be lazy or over-confident!

Now, App Developer Dubai knows that there are many exclamation points, but that’s because the three previous sentences are very relevant.

Particularly relevant are these points:



What’s an app for a demo?

An opportunity to show you the prospect of what an app might look like for your business. The most powerful marketing tool we have in our arsenal. You still need flyers, business cards, websites, and things, but at the start of the app selling process, the demo app gives you CREDIBILITY you can’t get any other way. We didn’t have more than 2 out of 800 people asking us if we were members of the Better Business Bureau and those 2 were just looking for a way to say NO.

What is included in the demo app?

My minimum requirements are the top banner/logo, 1-5 pictures that fade in and out, and 10 plus tabs. This is your chance to show what you have and you never know what a buyer is going to be excited about so I like to include bunches of tabs and if they buy, then we just have to go through the tabs and add and delete tabs to get to our finished product.

Educate and inspire:

Whatever you want to do these days, there’s an app for you to choose from–and probably more than one! App demo clips are a great way to keep your app updated and motivated by what it can do. This provides the audience with a guided tour of how your software tool functions in a way that is far more detailed and engaging than just screenshots. Through explaining functionality in this way, you can illustrate how your software tool functions with the experience and reality.

Simply put, these videos help you develop your software’s user understanding. Such awareness will play a role in persuading potential clients to install or buy. It can also help optimize the experience for existing users, providing them with a better understanding of the full value and potential of their apps and services, and helping to enhance satisfaction and retention.

Why use demo app videos?

· Showing and telling:

There’s nothing that helps your audience understand how your app works, what it does–and what it doesn’t do–like seeing it in action. Basically, as part of its marketing, each app will use screenshots. Populate the device with fantastic data telling a story and encouraging people to imagine the use of their real world. Also, read the Importance of Onboarding apps users in your mobile app.

· Set realistic examples:

The more the user knows what your app is doing – and does not – the more reasonable their expectations would be when they are downloaded. It means that the people who use the software will be more likely to be happy, helping to maximize retention.

· Ensures great experience:

Showing off your app’s functionality will not only help you sell the app and improve user acquisition. Such clips can be used at any point in the user journey, including providing them the knowledge they need to use the app to ensure a great experience. Reduce requests for assistance, further refine the UI, and save development time. Mobile App Development Dubai will help you improve your performance.

Let the journey begin:

With a single step, every journey begins. Whatever the ultimate goal in business, the first move is to reach your audience, get their attention and get them interested in what you’ve got to say. Sure, some people might find you on their own. Yet successful brands know that you need to hustle in these fast-paced, competitive times–to get your message out there, in front of your viewers, in front of you

That’s what we mean by’ attract’ in a nutshell. So the video is the best way to do that! It is a versatile tool that helps you reach, engage and inspire your audience in dozens of creative ways to take action across countless platforms–encouraging them to take further action and learn more about your brand.

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