Tips to Plan the Perfect App Updates Schedule

How to prepare the best repetition schedule is one of the main challenges facing every app developer. 

In the current version, every code needs frequent updates. 

So what’s the challenge for an app to update?

 Let’s take a look at a few tips to prepare the software’s effective and best schedule:



1) Keep it frequent:

You need regular software updates for the safety of both developers and users. I help out the customers to release regular updates at Mobile App Development Dubai

However, the definite application schedule may vary depending on the type of application, but provide regular updates on most applications as required by the client. 

App Developer Dubai ensures that they meet the expectations and requirements of app users while updating an app, challenge the competitors of the app, and meet technological developments and trends in usability.

2) Maintain the proper balance:

When upgrading a code, particularly when creating new versions, you should always aim for consistency because updates have a powerful impact on users. 

So, even if every repetition goes well, to grasp their business needs, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. 

Because regular updates sometimes can annoy your users and your users may get irritated by it and can completely uninstall your code. 

So, if your app does not show updates so warnings for a long time, your users might think that your software is disturbed and may avoid using it or even uninstall it, or many will add a bad review that may damage the reputation of your company.

3)Analyze the market and users:

To strike the right balance between the market trend and the need of the consumer is exactly what is needed to make any application efficient. 

And maintaining the right balance may seem like a scary challenge, but the key to keeping the right balance is to carefully evaluate the demand and consider the users. 

If you want to deliver a successful app in the mobile app world, it is expected that you will meet the expectations of the users and make regular repetitions in your software.

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4) Considering the competitors:

Each company should carefully consider and evaluate the approach of its competitor. And, that’s for daily iterations. If you’re creating a social networking app, evaluate your challengers and set your standard based on the marketplace’s top social networking apps so you can adjust the rate of updates.

5) Persist your competency:

As each company has different expertise and vertical sector. As a Mobile App Developer Dubai, I work with agile practices and obvious processes for the production of apps that allow me to respond quickly to new and trendy business needs and motivate us to always improve your product.

In-app updates features:

  • Flexible: User experience with graceful state control that offers background download and installation. UI is suitable when using the device while installing the update is reasonable to the user.
  • Immediate: A full-screen user experience allowing the user to download and restart the software to continue the process. This UI is suitable in situations where an upgrade is vital to the application’s continued use.
  • Check for update: Before updating, you need to check whether or not some update is available. This is done because if the update is not available then I am going to ask the user to update the app, it’s going to be a bad impression.

These in-app update features help yo attain the client’s satisfaction and make sure their customers remain happy and stay on the same ground for a long time.

Signing off:

  • Figure out how many team members you will need to produce market-centered iteration before making iterations to your product. 
  • As the user needs to use the best features and working of your app update.
  • The tools you use to deliver an app update should, therefore, be worthwhile and include strong quality assurance and testing. 
  • Note never launch repetitions of low quality just to keep up with competition and market trends as it can backfire.

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