Top Job Apps for Employers and Employees in Gulf 2020

You’re special and your existence is nuts, you don’t have a lot of time to look for work because you wouldn’t want to get lost in the workplace or search your laptop for work. You just don’t need to. Employment hunting has also gone mobile like much of our world and life, so you can do it on the go. The Gulf countries are nothing like that in this revolutionized job process.

You could do a lot of stuff with your apps to connect Gulf job searchers to accessible positions. Happily, with App Developer Dubai, the vast majority of the application process is now available on your phone or tablet. You can create your curriculum vitae, customize your work, and simply apply from the app and save your quest.

The key question though is, what apps can work candidates use in the Gulf countries to improve their job search? There are various apps to browse for iOS and smartphones, however, we can choose the best Gulf work apps to offer the employment opportunities that are needed.

Mobile App Developer Dubai has given this list of the top popular apps:

  1. com

Bayt has over 19 million monthly active users, so you can use your Facebook or Google account to log in straight here and easily create your CV. A very easy to use program. You can always search for a spot and apply for it.

Main Attributes:

  • Apply at any time and anywhere to thousands of jobs on the go for free, straight from your mobile.
  • Activate directly from the app, or use your account on Facebook or Google.
  • Help your mates find a job by explicitly suggesting specific jobs from the app, by sharing jobs.
  • Accumulate your Resume easily.
  1. NaukriGulf:

The NaukriGulf is the Gulf’s fastest rising employment site. NaukriGulf was formed to guide the people in the Gulf nations who would like to find jobs. It has more than 25,000 jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar based in the gulf nations.

Only register and download your new CV here and receive job updates regularly. You can find a job on the go or have your favorite jobs listed later.


Main Attributes:


  • Find & share work openings.
  • Refine the outcomes of career searches.
  • Explore suggestions on a custom jobs.
  • Performance in monitoring profile.
  1. GulfTalent:

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, compact, and fully free access features, GulfTalent is one of the best ten work sites for a job search in Gulf countries. gives you over 10 million job seekers and is one of the nation’s top application areas.

Main Attributes:

  • Job quest.
  • Create a profile.
  • Its GUI is simple to use.
  • View operations of the employer.
  1. Monster Gulf:

Monster Gulf is the firm’s division to the Gulf area. It has some of the great attributes accessible to you as a job seeker, and with Monster Jobs they have great work environments that help you to scan, display, and apply to jobs when you want and anywhere you want. When different jobs are available you can also be notified.

Main Attributes:

  • Will save work to apply for later on in the wishlist.
  • Set up job alerts to never miss any job opportunities.
  • Screens for work processing.
  • Straightforward GUI.


  1. Go to Gulf:

It is really the only mentioned non-app in this article. is a committed site for positively affect brands from GCC countries. In comparison to work boards, GotoGulf began as a developed and tested startup company with the sole intention of building itself among the leading competitors in the sector.

Every work-seeker seeking an opportunity has a mission and believes a GCC work app will help them to accomplish big things. The full GotoGulf group took your feelings into consideration and works to improve your skills. She is one of the Gulf’s top recruiting firms.

 Main Attributes:

  • Free posting for work.
  • To disperse across the GCC.
  • Populations of Jobseekers for Recruiters.

Wrapping up!

Employment apps are the best help aid for job seekers. Many job seekers are pursuing job opportunities in analytical, high wages, high tech, and other nations abroad. The most preferred and findable nation in the Gulf Region for job applicants.

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