Top Strategy Plan for Mobile App Resellers in 2020

It can be an exciting experience in 2020 to resell mobile apps that will help your business grow. The moment you enter your reseller system, it’s easy to want to hit the ground. Before you go to the races, however, it is important to take the time to remember these tiny things that can make a big difference in the success of your mobile reselling the company and even allow you to create better, higher-quality apps for your customers.

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Dubai App Developer gives you five important strategy plan to resell your mobile apps in the new year.


Mobile –Optimized Website:

You already know that in today’s world you need a website to run a successful company. You have already got at least one page, even more. But when viewed on a mobile device, how well do these web pages work for you? If a potential customer searches your company on their smartphone and sees a mobile website that is not creative, chances are they won’t feel comfortable with their mobile app growth. At 59 percent of general smartphone users now expecting to have mobile-friendly websites for businesses, even small ones. 

 Leverage Relevant Social Media Networks:

There are only twenty Fortune 500 businesses with a presence on Facebook, while Twitter is leveraged by 86 percent of them. Facebook may be the best way to sell your company, but it might be better to stick to Twitter or even LinkedIn. 

So, you have to think of appropriate words before you hop to your computer and create a Facebook page for your mobile reselling company. Figure out which social media channels are the first to use and target your potential leads. Even Facebook may not be as relevant as it once was for brands. Your goal on social media should be to demonstrate your knowledge of mobile apps, helping to differentiate between them from your rivals. 

Through posting industry blog posts on Facebook, joining mobile-related forums and LinkedIn groups, or sharing your thoughts on new mobile app trends on Twitter, you can effectively convince consumers that you’re living, breathing, working, and eating everything mobile.

 Stay Current with Mobile App Trends:

To simply post and share mobile industry news and trends on social media is not enough, you also have to know these trends. You know that mobile development is in the digital age changes quickly. The best mobile practices that you have been using for months, can become outdated in just a short period. 

So, you have to collect information beforehand of various emerging trends and how to use them to your clients’ mobile applications. You might also want to get acquainted with trends and news related to your customers ‘ industries. This is particularly important if you want to resell mobile apps to the same business type only to restaurants or just gyms and fitness centers.

Create an Online Portfolio:

Maybe the best way to attract new business and show your experience and job efficiency is to let the work do the talking for you. The online portfolio platform or page on an existing website will not only provide the ability for your future leads to see your previous work, but will also hop to start turning their innovative wheels for their app. 

In other words, it almost gives them an experience in the store where they can begin to select and choose the features and models they want for their mobile offering. During the planning phase of their app development, this shortens the interaction between you and the company.

Use Feedback and Criticisms Appropriately:

Asking for suggestions and responding to criticism is one thing, applying it constructively is another to use it. The more eager you are to follow some of this feedback’s improvements and recommendations, the better your apps will be. Keep in mind that 88 percent of consumers rely on online reviews, so you need to remain actively engaged in what people say about you.

Once again, the behaviors of mobile apps are constantly changing. The best place to capture these changing behaviors, as they occur, may just be in your current apps ‘ analysis and comment sections. Checking every feedback scrap will also allow you to identify problems with your software, such as errors or bugs before they become very damaging.

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