What Are The Best Android Games Currently Available in February 2020?

Having a tremendous selection of Android smartphone gaming in the Play store app, it is often hard to choose what to play and what to leave. However, it would help if you were not worried at all because Mobile App Development Dubai offers you with some of the greatest Android-based games that are available today with my selected selection. Most of them are safe and free of charge, while others were costing you a dollar or two, and they’re all functional and providing fun.


Furthermore, Dubai Mobile App Developer has picked up a decent combination of genres, including first-person shooters, profession-playing games, play-based performer, racing games, puzzles, strategy games, and many more. Something like this will match the interest of everybody irrespective of age or gender.


1. Rest in Pieces:

It is indeed at the good twist on infinite athletes like Temple Run, in which you must clear challenges north or south. You get to jump from corner to corner to prevent getting broken up, rather than a marble model sticking out of one string. The combat simulator is simple to understand, but somehow it requires a lot of learning and training as all fantastic styles of games ever created. 

Furthermore, the concept of suspense is what always lifts this title over some other infinite horses. You struggle to free out of its hallucinations, beginning with a weak little princess and the wicked ogre, a variety of visually stunning creatures. For every item, you can activate alternate versions, and before all this, you’re going to start a fight against several villains like Minotaur, Loki, and even Frankenstein.

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2. Bloons TD 6:

You will be willing to purchase Bloons TD 6 when you turn out to be a die-hard fan of dungeon crawler games whereby evil ones attack your area along a given path and would have to build devastating walls that will knock them out well prior they destroy you. It can become very wild with a beautiful and messy graphic style and thousands of strange creatures. 

Moreover, dozens of walls, and each has its updating structures to ascend, are the heights of your preference about how to protect yourself. There are different tactical forces that you might use to shake the scenarios, and there are still many competitions that offer you particular targets where you win a precious treasure when you finish everything.

The Room – Old Sins: That is an amazing and mind-blowing entry in the alluring sequence of The Room franchise, and it becomes a title that must catch all enthusiasts of mysteries. The story deals with the escape of a pair from Waldegrave Mansion, and there is a thorough toy upstairs, which is a complicated mystery case. Yes, you wouldn’t mind if you have not experienced the earlier games in the sequence as innovative tap functions allow you to levitate objects to reveal stored structures that help you to step forward. It’s a brilliant gaming app with a music score that brings a certain feeling and a chilling storyline that is slowly centered while you are working your way through the challenges.

4. Hades’ Star:

If you are searching for a deep space inter-galactic alliance game, so this is the version designed especially for you with a vast cosmos. You will be colonizing the worlds at Hades’ Sun, creating a fleet of spacecraft, open business lines, energy, studying technological advances, and discovering the galactic most distant regions. 

Besides, you will also battle mysterious alien species. You will collaborate with other inhabitants and species together to carry out challenging tasks, create alliances, and tie together around companies through boss battles, but Showdown is all voluntary. 

5. Madden NFL mobile football:

This game will turn out to be your preferred solution if you desire a real NFL game on your mobile. Create a team of your selected players and attempt to lead everyone to their success as a defensive coordinator. The buttons are simple to collect, and you will easily mark the games and score conversions. You will configure the unit and that there is a lot of substance. It would help if you also were connected to the internet to play and often struggle to advance the payments in the game.

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