What Do You Need to Know Before Creating an On-Demand Home Service App?

Gig economy on demand has changed people’s way of running their homes. You don’t have to spend much time cleaning your house or doing the laundry-now you can book these services online immediately.

If you want to contribute to this fast-growing market, pull yourself up as there is a strong competition. Nonetheless, you will be supported by careful preparation and market analysis of App Developer Dubai.

This guide can be used as a model for the successful creation of on-demand home services devices.



Work on one market first and don’t spread too quickly:

Focusing on one niche first is one way to escape competition. In your case, this may concentrate on a specific city, customer group or class of product. Do not necessarily try to serve all possible jobs. Expand only after gaining insight into how this market works.

That was one of the reasons for the failure of the Exec-on-demand work marketplace. A lot of service providers have been employed, which turned out to be very expensive. They were unable to meet demand and supply, which is why they were unable to provide services to all their customers.


Building multiple user acquisition channels:

This argument is worthy of attention in your business plan. Brainstorm with your team and create a list of all potential ways to access your clients.

For example,-on-demand teachers’ marketplace was dependent on a single channel to get customers and had no budget to further promote their product. Therefore, planning your customer acquisition costs along with the channels where you can meet them is critical. Also, read How last-mile delivery optimization can boost your business


Speak to your target audience:

This is a golden rule of any product development. Business plans, wireframes, models and ideas for your company are a solid foundation. None, however, can be compared to speaking to your clients and figuring out if there is a real problem.

One thing to remember: if people say they like your idea, it doesn’t mean they’re going to use your product. Your task is to find out if the problem you are trying to solve with the product is strong enough to make sure that you solve the problem of anybody!


Decide on features:

If you have completed the analyzes mentioned above, you certainly have insights into your target customers and how your brand can solve their problems and improve their lives.

When you neglect the previous steps and immediately jump into designing apps, you risk producing a product that has no business requirement. I don’t think you’re trying to do that.

If there are no one-size-fits-all features for such a platform and everything depends on your company, a Mobile App Developer in Dubai would like to support you and explain some basic features that you should have on-demand service marketplace.

For users:

  • Dashboards with up-to-date and past assignments, job status, payment methods, and notifications. 
  • Task prediction tool. 
  • Matching algorithm. 
  • Tracking task status in real-time. 
  • An integrated method of payment. 
  • View of the map and chart. 
  • Reviews and reviews

For service providers:

  • ID, credentials and license verification. 
  • Dashboard with job history, alerts, payment status. 
  • Scheduling software where taskers can manage their working hours.
  • Real-time messaging.     


Benefits of user-flow:

User flow is a path a user takes to complete a task on a website or app. Unlike user travel maps, app flows do not concentrate on the emotions of the client or multiple solutions layers. Alternatively, they signify a specific route from point A to point B that a client follows.

User flows were originally in the form of the flow chart, but are now supplemented with visual elements such as wireframes or mock-ups.

  • Test the real customer’s idea. 
  • Get insights into that of your app’s components and their effect on overall brand interaction. 
  • Decide on the most important feature. 
  • Make changes before the product is produced.



The most important thing is to know that you will solve the problem of someone and deliver a price that will respect your customers. 


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