Cost of Building a Mobile App for Real Estate in 2023

The real estate market is expanding at a rate never before seen. There is no room for error with this. You ought to meet the requirements of every customer; If you don’t, you lose the fight. Furthermore, a mobile real estate app can serve as a weapon against all rivals. Mobile app developer Dubai will develop the best real estate app for your business.

The primary advantages of choosing real estate mobile app design and development are as follows:

• A more rapid sales procedure. A customized real estate software solution with advanced property search, digital document signature and transfer, and virtual tours can speed up sales for agents.

• A channel for in-app communication that is open round-the-clock. In an app, having a 24/7 communication channel allows for quicker conversations and shorter wait times.

• Customers will be delighted to be able to quickly access a mortgage calculator, take 3D tours, save their searches and favorite properties, and obtain comprehensive neighborhood information.

• The chatbot’s automatic responses, speedy document exchange, and streamlined property information filling will benefit both agents and homebuyers.

Essential Real Estate App Features

Before deciding which features to add, the app’s intended audience must be taken into consideration. The evaluation of functionality is just as important. Having said that, let’s discuss a few features in greater detail.

Any feature of a real estate app can target clients or agents.

Navigation and Street View

Users can gain a deeper understanding of the area, similar to maps. With the help of the Google Maps API, interested parties can view the neighborhood without actually visiting it.

The following options should be available for all advanced search functions: location, type of property, price range, type of listing, size of the lot, square footage, year of construction, and amenities

3D Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can make listings that are more appealing to homebuyers. It gives a better understanding of the property’s layout and a more in-depth understanding of its layout than most descriptions do.


Allow Users to Create and Save a List of Properties and Searches for Later

Use this feature to Keep Users Alive. Agents will also benefit from knowing what their clients are interested in so they can suggest similar alternatives. Create lists that the user can easily access from their profile. When developing a mobile app for real estate agents, this feature typically receives a lot of attention.


Calculators for the Cost of a Home and a Mortgage With various calculators, they can get automatic estimates to make the process simpler.


Homebuyers may develop loyalty and trust through the use of feedback system ratings. An app becomes more trustworthy and transparent if previous customers can leave feedback for agents or landlords and users can post neighborhood ratings. The creation of mobile apps for real estate agents makes use of this additional useful feature.


With a chatbot and online chat, customers can get answers on demand quickly. Users can get answers to frequently asked questions automatically, and they can learn more about a subject without having to use the application to find it.

Buyers and sellers alike can benefit from augmented reality (AR). Customizing properties with new wall colors, new furniture, and updated interior designs will be a lot of fun for interested tenants.

Categories and Filters

Additional options that aid in simplifying the search process are categories and filters. When creating a real estate app, make sure you know what features your customers want most and include them in the categories and filters.

Real-Time Messaging

Agents, homebuyers, and agents ought to have complete instant messaging capabilities to communicate with one another. It includes sending files and other attachments in addition to texts and emails.

Cost of building a real estate mobile app

A basic and straightforward solution can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000. However, more expensive real estate apps, such as those mentioned above, can cost up to $75,000.

The complexity of the project will affect the total cost of developing a real estate mobile app.

There are more skills and technologies required for a more complex app. However, before beginning work on the custom real estate application, you may still receive an estimate of its cost. Feel free to get in touch with mistersaad, and I’ll tell you what’s included in the development cost of your real estate app and give you an estimate.

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