Mobile-First Approach for Your Business in 2022!

In the future, mobile-first is frequently discussed, but the fact is that it is already here. Mobile is the new normal, according to App Developer Dubai mobile is one of the front doors to a physical company. 


Some even say that mobile-first is already an outdated term, as we step into the mobile-only era. The younger generations are spearheading this trend, as they seldom use a laptop. There are over 40 million mobile-only internet users in the world.


What is a mobile-first approach?

Mobile-first not only takes into account these mobile moments but above all other approaches. In particular, mobile-first is a design, development and marketing approach that places the mobile experience of the consumer at its heart. 

Although consumers do not automatically consume all mobile content, it allows you to build up a mobile experience as a starting point. You will slowly move to larger screens from there. It’s essentially the opposite of a flexible strategy, beginning with a desktop and optimizing later on for the web or what’s known as graceful degradation.

Google mobile-first index:

In 2020, Google has been penalizing non-mobile-optimized websites. The search giant began to put non-mobile-friendly sites at a disadvantage when this latest rule came into effect, called Mobilegeddon, reducing their ranking in the search results. Now, Google is going to take this one step further and start indexing the site’s mobile version instead of the desktop version.

  • Google currently ranks websites based on their version of the browser and its content. 
  • It makes sense to rate sites based on their mobile version with mobile search outpacing desktop search. 
  • What does this mean in the (near) future for your business? This won’t make a difference for websites that already have a mobile version with the same content as the desktop version. 
  • Nevertheless, sites that are not mobile-optimized or have different mobile content might be influenced by their rankings. 
  • If you don’t have a mobile website at all, in the search results you won’t just be pushed down, you may not be showing up at all.

How will you become mobile-first?

With your customer journey, the best place to start is. While engaging with your brand, you need to reveal and appreciate all your consumers ‘ touchpoints and opportunities. Map the consumer path to demonstrate the progress from first to the last encounter–regardless of where it might be. What does each of these touchpoints perceive the customers?

With this step, you must show the current mobile or web touchpoints. Now you can look at the interface, loading time, navigation ease, and the overall experience of the brand. This is a good start to learning how to provide your customers with a better mobile experience.

Once the consumer path has been mapped out, you need to set up a team and start developing a mobile-first approach. Mobile-first is often seen as a design-focused initiative, but marketing and product development approaches go beyond it. 

All that can progress and impede the mobile experience must be considered. Is it easy to find my company on the mobile web, for example? Is my page going to load fast? Is it possible to find it using voice search think Siri and Ok Google devices? Is finding the details they are searching for contact us, hours, services simple for a mobile user on-the-go? Are my paying mobile ads optimized?

Once the mobile consumer path is recognized by the Dubai Mobile App Development, you will begin to develop a plan to construct a first mobile experience. The hardest thing about mobile-first planning is to delete everything in the mobile world that is not required. To increase speed and declutter the computer, you start building an environment in its simplest form. This can prove to be a challenging task for your team, as being imaginative without constraints is simpler. It won’t be easy, but the mobile user experience will be significantly improved.

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Start planning today!

Mobile-first transformation is a time-consuming and expensive task. It could hurt your online presence and brand if not done correctly. You have to weigh the pros and cons of mobile-first in advance. Will it help you achieve your goals for marketing? Will it improve the experience of your customers? Does your overall customer experience progress? Yes, it will.

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