Why App Marketing is A Must For Start-Ups?

Mobile app marketing is an art and science of supporting mobile apps for downloading software, installing apps, monetizing the product, and engaging existing users.



Why you need mobile app marketing for your start-up?

As a startup, you came up with and started designing a brilliant and creative concept for a mobile app. But before releasing the app, creating a strong marketing strategy for the product is important to effectively promote it.

Every industry has changed with the smartphone. Just as ever before, the mobile app industry is growing. It has changed the way users are researching products, buying and selling things, having fun and doing work. In particular, mobile apps have created an environment in which startups and large brands can create a deeper and more authentic user relationship than ever before.

Apps are rapidly becoming the preferred tool consumers want to interact, especially for startups, with brands and services. A recent study found that 18-24 year-olds in the world spend 90 hours a month in apps, and it is expected that this figure will grow.

Nevertheless, with the growing number of mobile applications in the app store, standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult. There are almost 4 million applications in the app stores, and as the stakes grow, the competition gets tougher. App Developer Dubai helps brands boost their discoverability by increasing exposure, improving download numbers, and eventually increasing monetization.

1) New user acquisition:

You want more users to download and upload your software as a startup. Right!

Marketing mobile apps help you gain new users. Create awareness for the app and drive downloads and installations.

The app stores are extremely crowded, as I said, and Google, Apple, and others still have to solve the problem of discovery that all new apps face. It means that your new user acquisition activities have to begin well before the release of your app.

Dubai Mobile App Development involves blogging, video promotion, social media marketing, press released before it is launched to generate visibility for a mobile. The main concern for all startups is driving download and deployment. It involves paying ads on websites, software, ad networks, news, and social networks by third parties. In particular, Facebook has been an established medium for download riding, but brands should pay attention to Instagram, Pinterest, and other emerging networks as well.

2) Build brand awareness:

App advertising helps entrepreneurs create awareness of the app. A mobile app is like a blank billboard. With it, you can do whatever you want; make it stylish, hip, functional, shocking, or informative. The more often you can engage consumers with your app, the quicker they are inclined to buy your product and/or service.

3) Reach to a much wider audience:

Your product advertising will help you reach a much broader audience. Every year, millions of smartphones were sold. It makes it possible for you to sell your app and services in a market where most customers own a smartphone.

4) Increase Creativity:

Mobile app marketing enables creativity in the development of mobile apps. Adding images, QR codes, videos, banner and text ads, social media and much more in-app marketing enables us to open up a wide range of resources to popularize our app.

5) Build Interaction:

App advertising allows companies to be in contact with their customers at all times and to sell their products and services in a new way. This way you can publish new brand material anywhere and anytime. To develop your products, you will receive feedback in real-time.

6) Create a buzz with social media:

To create hype and develop a strong community around your app, social media is amazing.

Choose some of the major social media platforms your audience prefers, then set up a routine to engage with and distribute content. Also, read Creating a customer experience map for a delightful digital experience.

Here are some of the best practices for social media marketing the app: 

  • Post regularly. 
  • Use appropriate hashtags.
  • Reviews of influencer characteristics. 
  • Provide reviews on the functionality of the app. Invite the interest in competitions, gifts, and promotions. 
  • Share a mix of screenshots,’ how-to’ videos, GIFs, high-quality images, and blogs Interact with similar pages to spark a public discussion.

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