Adding Gamification Features in Your Mobile App

Gamification of games is one way to make your mobile app more active. Award schemes are commonly used in sports, but the overall mobile app user experience requires other game dynamics. Well-designed gamification approaches contribute to higher revenue for device owners and can be included in the sprints for mobile app growth. Why do the mechanics of the game work? Mobile device gamification appeals to human needs for reward, self-expression, performance, competition, and status.




It can be helpful for both parties to allow people to earn incentives for using your app. People are more inclined to take action when they think they will be rewarded for their efforts. The additional source of revenue also comes from increased user engagement.

There are many types of app-based incentives that are available. Some can be won by spending time in an app, and some can be received through in-app purchases. Yet irrespective of what reward system you use, incentives should have some intrinsic value to users.

Empty points and worthless badges are not viable, so the app development plan should be withdrawn. Come up with some ideas of incentive that can bring value to your clients.

Offering points that can be used as in-app currency is one way to gamify the app and empower users. Users, therefore, earn points for physical or digital items that can be traded. Digital incentives can sometimes fulfill the need for self-expression for people. Digital products are often highly sought after to help users express their imagination. Dubai App Developer provides gaming tactics that cater to self-expression include allowing a user to change the color or theme on your app’s profile page.



The human desire for self-expression is the core of social networking applications, but when developing certain forms of mobile apps, we can also pay attention to this need. Users can use avatars, badges, and any other virtual goods to express themselves. Understanding your brand and your clients are going to help you get a winning idea.

Another great strategy to keep users and encourage social connections is to deliver electronic gifts. Electronic gifts enhance the gifter-gift relationship and drive the recipient into an app to redeem the gift.



Rewards can be combined with gamified mobile apps performance. While great achievements are rewarded with something special, such as digital badges or trophies, unlocking a new level, points or status especially when your user has just begun to engage with your app.

People like to share their achievements, particularly if they were not easy to accomplish. Remind users when they receive an award to share correctly. Dubai Mobile App Development makes successful sharing helps an app gain more users.

Goals generally represent obstacles in mobile apps. When using an app, users like to feel like they have a task. The achievements you provide act as visual proof of completing a challenge when this is accomplished and can be shown on the leaderboard. Digital awards have no monetary value, but they can be distributed via social media effectively. After all, achievements are a positive way to engage people.



Points can be used to indicate accomplishments, while users and their achievements can be rated by leaderboards. Leaderboards inspire users to become competitors, which facilitates competitiveness and can be particularly useful to improve the desired user behavior. Gamifying a mobile app with tournaments and leaderboards is not an issue for an app developer. By allowing your customers to compete with their peers, you can connect them with your mobile application and extend the network of your app.



Citizens like to be confident and show their standing. Levels or ratings are the ranks in the army’s digital equivalent of a business card title. Also, read How fitness mobile app can improve your fitness? Ratings, user ratings, or statuses–regardless of what you call them, they can improve user engagement and provide incentives for monetization.


Gamification Tools:

Such tools are mostly available for game development, but some of the features such as libraries offer may be used by all mobile apps. Gamification of a mobile app does not turn the app into a game, but it can greatly enhance the user experience and make the app more interactive. Engagement results in enhanced visibility, discovery, retention rate, and revenue generation for your app. Gamification is a strong way for users to connect with your app.


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