What Are The User Engagement Metrics for a Mobile App?

What are the User Engagement Metrics for a Mobile App? For customer experience research, there are lots of metrics. You may not need to track all of them, though.

What indicators of user experience you can monitor depending on your company’s details and your smartphone app type.

For example, for eCommerce mobile applications, participation metrics such as the number of products added to the cart, the traffic and conversion rate, and lifetime client value are suitable.

But it’s easier to monitor the number of time people spent on a computer and the number of comments, messages, posts, favorites, and views for social media platforms.

I’ve picked the most widely used metrics in this post to track user interaction.

To track customer experience metrics, we explain the value of obtaining data-driven insight for your smartphone device and identify the most appropriate analytics resources.

Now let’s find out what indicators of Mobile App Developer Dubai customer experience you need to control to assess your app’s success.


Downloads number

In two ways, you can calculate how many people download your smartphone app:

Returns from the app store check without entering the store page of your app. A significant number of installs in this situation attest to the app store (ASO).

The number of users can, however, be deceptive in calculating the success of your app. E.g., users can download your app due to a promotional campaign, but never use it or remove it straight away.

How to monitor the millions of downloads: From the software already installed in the Android and iOS app stores, you will get the millions of downloads: Google Play Console and App Store Attach.

Activation rate

It would help if you allowed them to enable it after users launch your app.

Activating an app can involve installing it, building an account, finishing on-boarding, downloading, or experiencing a new screen for the first time.

As per the specifics of your app, you can select any authentication event for younger subscribers.

About the total number of app downloads, you can measure the activation rate by taking the number of installations:

How to monitor the application built: Determine what app case you want to gather information about and incorporate a third-party metrics tool’s software development kit (SDK) into your app’s code. More specifics about SDKs can be found below.

Acquisition by User

It would help if you launched advertising campaigns to draw users’ interest in your smartphone app.

How to monitor provides skills: By definition, the Google Play Console and App Store Link give you in-depth user acquisition detail.

Track the amount of regular registered users (DAU), weekly active users (WAU), and monthly active users to see how many Dubai App Developer users want to use the software after installing it (MAU).

Who is the active consumer? A successful user, according to Google Analytics, is a consumer who has enabled your smartphone app and conducted activities in the set period within it (a day, a week, or a month). Users will be considered active if they periodically:

Send your smartphone website a visit (for news apps, social media apps, and weather forecast apps)

Create every day, week, or month this certain number of posts, views, reviews, or shares (particularly for social media apps and audio/video streaming apps)

Make transactions (for eCommerce mobile apps)

The flow of the projector

You have to watch how your people engage with your app to estimate your UI/UX effect on user behavior.

See which screens or interface pages they view more often, what acts they take more often, how they move among screens, and what panels force them to leave the app. Metrics for display flow include:

The number of screens per visit, which determines how your users are interested in the story of your app,

Screens with the fastest and shortest viewing periods, showing the screens with the most exciting and valuable material and those that need more effort from the programmers of your app.

Screens with the most transactions, which is a handy indicator to identify your mobile app’s trump cards.

It is the keywords that can be used by the app to re-engage fans and acquire new customers.

How to watch screen flow: To get data, follow the Google Apps guide or add another metrics tool’s SDK.

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