How Much it Charges to Develop an Mobile App Like Waze?

GPS navigation is a big part of our lives. Modern people prefer driving, traveling hard, and finding the right ways through multiple existing routes using online maps.

Large cities are growing, and travelers and natives find it difficult to reach destinations quickly and avoid traffic jams. Inhabitants of the city are always in a hurry, trying to cut traffic times efficiently.

That’s why today’s applications for GPS navigation are very popular. It helps drivers to quickly and easily navigate heavy traffic, redirecting them to neighboring, less busy roads.


What is Waze?

For all private and professional drivers, a traffic navigation app is essential. That’s why, when the application becomes very popular and widely used, this project becomes incredibly profitable.

Waze is a GPS navigation software with a wide range of enjoyable and useful features. I provide a pleasant and amusing experience for users. Another excuse to fall in love with this app is an appealing personalized interface.

Therefore, the creation of navigation apps ordered by startups or taxi operators.

· Multiple cargo shipping companies,

· residential and commercial movers, such as passenger shippers, bus drivers.

Thus, the functionality of the app and the purpose of developing it can be different, and considering its basic features, usability, and design is essential for customers.

How Does an App like Waze Work?

Apps for GPS navigation provide multiple elements of social networking.

They are successful because of the active community of drivers reporting their unpleasant driving experiences such as

· Accidents,

· police posts,

· weather changes,

· or road closures.

The device also checks the speed of the car, suggesting the shortest and quickest way to reach the destination.

· Carpool services;

· Helpful add-ons

· Social network integration;

· Organizing drives;

· Alerts and feedback in real-time;

· Voice instructions.

Basic Features of the App:

To build the custom application according to your precise requirements, it takes 3-4 months for Mobile App Development Dubai to bring your dream into reality.

The essential elements of the app are:

· geolocation;

· framework for voice recognition;

· social elements,

· vivid,

· intuitive design.


It offers numerous useful tools for the development of car navigation apps and enables you to implement:

· custom design;

· offline map access;

· live turn-by-turn directions;

· lane instructions & traffic-aware routing;

· walking, biking, and car routes.

Voice Recognition:

1. A voice recognition system allows voice commands to be used by the driver to build routes.

2. For having a voice into text messages, special tools are used, such as the Google Cloud API.

3. To send them and process the text, the proper Android or iOS software is required.

Social Element:

1. Social elements are vital to a successful app that will become popular in the months or years to come.

2. They make the application useful and functional in combination with navigation and Waze map editors.

3. Features an App Developer Dubai focuses on are: User profiles; appreciates; comments; features added.

Custom Design:

1. Custom style is an integral part of our committed, creative work.

2. Customers pick the most appropriate icons, fonts, and colors before ordering the creation of a navigation app.

3. With use Google Fonts, they can be as flashy and comic as in the stylish Waze design.

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Certain basic software stacks include:

· Blogger;

· Google Compute Engine;

· G Suite;

· Mandrill;

· Brandfolder;

· Google Domains;

· HTML5.

Additional Features:

· Additional features can be empowered to share the economy.

· Adding new roads to the map,

· Providing helpful pieces of advice,

· Leaving numerous equal feedback,

· Earning and awarding points for active users.

· Gamification features attract drivers to grow and prosper your app-based business.

Cost of Developing an App like Waze:

Do know that the hourly rate varies from developer location and experience when you know the estimated time to create the MVP of a navigation app. Here are some average hourly rates calculated at $40,000 and rises in line with the sophistication of the app.

Signing off:

First of all, don’t forget the features needed to design a Waze app clone. These are:

· a function of GPS navigation;

· a highlight of voice recognition;

· elements of social networking (as profiles and chats);

· a fresh and memorable UI.

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